Why do you love your Twinflame

People ask me why do you love your Twinflame?

Twinflames search all their life, for someone to understand them. And then they find the one who shares the same wounds, even pain becomes beautiful. They heal each other, a true companion. Once you have tasted true love, you can’t settle for anything conditional.

That’s how Twinflames are made. First you are given trauma for earth healing and then you are given a companion to share it with.

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Your love will carry me through

This is what I wrote the first moment I figured out you are gone.

I thought of you every day
Every time something good happened, I wanted to share it with you
And every time something bad happened, I wanted to share it with you

You were never away from my heart..
I felt your presence everyday..

It was only your love and your memories, that carried me through this dark time. Your love gave me the strength to keep hoping.

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Twinflames, you are divinely guided and protected. Have faith.

Twinflames come with a mission on earth to spread love. The journey is not easy and so divine support is always available.  Always ask your guides to watch over the connection. Archangel Michael is specially designated to protect the Twinflame connection.

Starseed TFs are quite powerful. So that take on the toughest mission works together.

In my case, my divine masculine is healing a very unconscious ancestral line. I am healing my ancestral line as well, but both lines are very different.

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Starseed Twin Flames & Double Mission

When starseeds choose to come as twin flames, they have double life-mission. They don’t only have the power of immense light but also the power of immense love. They embody the yin and yang energies to anchor love in this 3D world. This is the double mission.

Starseeds are fated to be together with their twin flame and fulfil their soul mission on earth. They can’t be separated, because fate is always working to bring them together. So that they can follow their soul mission and heal others. Just like a lightworker can’t be kept away from their fate, twin flames can’t be kept away from each other.

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What Awakening really looks like?

There are many types of awakenings, but there is one awakening which is unique, which only starseeds experience.

Emotional awakening happens when an emotional closed off person finally opens it’s his heart. Material Awakening when a person learns there’s no satisfaction in the material realm. Spiritual awakening when people become open to soul consciousness.

And then there is Starseed Awakening. An awakening different than everything else. All starseeds can relate to each other, but not normal Humans.

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My Starseed Origin

I am finally ready to explore my star system identity, I just have been too busy to sit and meditate but I have already discovered my life purpose. I will definitely add an update after knowing my stars system identity. But I have discovered my soul’s calling.☘️

My spiritual gift is authenticity and to bring people in touch with their authenticity. I am here to not only trigger humans but Lightworkers too. I am an ancient Starseed and here to mentor other starseeds. I am here to trigger even other Lightworkers to connect with their authenticity. Even Lightworkers after coming here get stuck in this low 3D vibration sometimes. Not to demean anyone’s effort, I get stuck too and other Lightworkers help me heal. We all try our best to keep ourselves in higher vibrations. But this is a fight of the light against the dark.

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Art, Lightworkers & Past Life Karma

Some people think I became an artist because of them, that they led me to art. If they had or had not come into my life, I would still be an artist. What they don’t know I was an artist 2 lives back also. I only had to master this skill again, coz my souls remembers.

I came in touch with art from early childhood, I loved drawing, I love watching kids art hour shows on TV. My mom used to give us sketching assignments, I used to take craft competitions in my school so seriously. My Nani put me to embroidery. I chose to learn to make soft toys, emboss paintings and Mehandi on my own. I was introduced to painting with my Maasi’s high-grade watercolours.

And we choose our families, we choose our parents. Our soul chooses it so that we can learn our lessons. I learnt the art from my maternal family and honesty from my Dad. Not like I didn’t have these innately, but to see them as values, until my awakening.

This is why always be thoughtful when you resent your parents for something. Even people who are born into dysfunctional families, it happened for a reason.

Most of the Lightworkers are born in families who have a history of ancestral trauma, they choose difficult situations because that’s where light is needed the most. Every lightworker breaks the pattern of dysfunction in their family line. It all ends with them. Their good karma is not only good for themselves but also for future generations. This is what we mean when we say all lightworkers are placed strategically in the grid. And it’s not only about the family line, but it can also be religion, poverty, a low vibrational place, a tradition, a war etc.

People who bullied me tried to use spiritual bypassing against me, saying it’s my past life karma that I am being abused now. But, I remember now, my past life karma brings people who support me. I helped people in my past lives too and I know very few of them now also, with time I might remember more.

So be careful what you think about light-bringers.

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Do not test my POWER

I may look cute but I am not weak. I am a multifaceted and multidimensional being, I can shift my energy into being powerful and fearless at any time. Do not test my fury.

I am an old soul and each life I lived different, as a star in the cosmos a spiritual leader and a warrior, as a man, as a woman, as a healer, as a fighter, as a warrior, as an artist, as a leader, as an innocent person, as an oppressed community, I have been admired, abused, tortured, I have been killed in wars, I have died alone, I have lived in peace and I have lived in chaos too. I have been trained well for lifetimes and do not doubt if there’s a still a type that I can not turn into.

I am a combination of light and dark, where light has conquered the darkness, but if the light would want to use the darkness for good, it will.

I chose to incarnate many times to train myself and went through all that pain to become perfect for my job of a Lightworker in this life. I am going to use what I learnt. So do not doubt what I can bring to the table.

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