South node to North node

One more puzzle piece that I have figured out..

I was living in my north node since 2020, after having my first awakening.

After the timeline shift, my life moved into the south node again. Because I had a lot of karmic lessons to complete. Many karmic lessons were familiar to the last timeline.

I can say the karmic cycles were familiar because I have seen history repeat itself. But somehow it was able to show me deeper layers of my trauma. Spirit guides were right as always.

The north node is manifesitng because I did my inner work. This is why so many changes are happening at the same time.

The good part is. I was going through these trials and tribulations for 2.5 years before meeting my Twinflame. I always used to think, what if we met before and he helped me through all the struggles if I had someone to share all my struggles with. Even he used to think, why is he stuck in his south node while I have a free life in my north node, because we had to wait for him to clear out his karma for union. With the union he also came into his north node.

Because of the timeline shift, we lived our South nodes again, together. Finally, we experienced everything again, this time not alone but together.

This time when I experienced the communication with his higher self, I have figured it out finally. In the last timeline too, my twinflame’s higher self was supporting me through everything, showing me direction at every point, even before we met.

This reminds me of a lot of things, I will write about it soon.

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