My Twinflame recognition signs

I was already in my north node when we first met.. I had my first awakening and that’s why I was in the vibration of manifesting a soul connection. He prayed and I raised my vibration, that’s how we manifested the first meeting.

I had my first dark night of soul in November 2019 and I had integrated my awakening by the end of the year 2019. That’s why I decided to leave IT. My Twinflame just appeared at the right time to guide me to right direction. I had resigned but I wasn’t sure if I should look for a new job or take a break. He made me believe in myself. I finally decided to choose my life purpose, which is my blog, over everything.

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Why do you love your Twinflame

People ask me why do you love your Twinflame?

Twinflames search all their life, for someone to understand them. And then they find the one who shares the same wounds, even pain becomes beautiful. They heal each other, a true companion. Once you have tasted true love, you can’t settle for anything conditional.

That’s how Twinflames are made. First you are given trauma for earth healing and then you are given a companion to share it with.

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Twinflames, you are divinely guided and protected. Have faith.

Twinflames come with a mission on earth to spread love. The journey is not easy and so divine support is always available.  Always ask your guides to watch over the connection. Archangel Michael is specially designated to protect the Twinflame connection.

Starseed TFs are quite powerful. So that take on the toughest mission works together.

In my case, my divine masculine is healing a very unconscious ancestral line. I am healing my ancestral line as well, but both lines are very different.

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For normal people who don’t understand Twin Flame connection | Part 2

I get it now, why all twin flames try to confide with other Twin Flames because “normal” people can’t really understand it.

No one understands why you feel so much love when you feel love for that person, no one understands why you feel so much pain when you feel the pain.

I can only say I already remember almost 200+ years of love with the same person. What would you do if you remembered all of that? And this is only the part that my mind remembers, but my soul remembers of eternity. Most of the people can’t even love the same person for even a few years, I guess that’s why they can’t understand it.

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We said goodbyes not knowing it would be the last.
We said goodbyes and with that goodbye,
I remembered all the times we had said goodbyes to each other.
I remembered every time we met and separated.

We met like Romeo and Juliet, like star-crossed lovers
I still remember the first moment we locked our eyes
The first moment we saw each other in this human form
We separated with a promise that you will come back
But life took me away from you
I hated everyday that I had to live without you
And then one day I gave up on life to see you again.

We were young children giving each other company when we had no one else to look up to.
And we said goodbye. We never met again cause I left this world.

We met again, this time I had to leave you all by yourself to protect you, I had to sacrifice our love to protect you.
We said goodbye again. I returned after all those years of pain, but I had already lost you. I sat there with the regret of leaving you, watching the storm come towards me.

We met again this time you had to leave for the wars, we said goodbye again.
I waited whole my life for you to come back till my last breath and I left with a hope to see you again.

We met again, both been torn by this world already, both fighting our demons.
I tried to be your light and you tried to be mine. But we said goodbye.
I look at the moon and I wonder,
would we ever be able to stop saying goodbyes.
It happened again, we got stuck in the dark,
I wonder if its better to say Goodbyes.
You did it, you fought the darkness for us
And I don’t have doubts anymore.
This time I will not only live you till my dying day
But I will be with you till my dying day.
There’s won’t be any sad Goodbyes anymore.


I am a twin flame and this is pretty much my entire love story for 5 incarnations. He’s my muse and I can’t stop myself from writing about him

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#twinflames #pastlife #soulmates #love #eternallove #poem #writer #soulwriting #story #destiny #truelove #twinflamelove #pleiadian #starseedtwinflames #lightworker #starseedsunite #starseeds #earthangel