It is believed that control is power. But is it really true?

Why do we want control? Is it really related to love or not?

Control is good when it comes to self. To make conscious decisions and actions you need inner stability. Brahmakumaris say “Law with self and love with others”.

But usually what people do is they struggle to have self-control on their own thoughts, negative emotions, reactions and hence their own life. To compensate for it, they do try to gain control from the outside, that’s what ego loves. The more low vibrational & weaker the soul is, the more it loves control.

Control for the name of love and attachment. Control for the name of power. Control for the name of image. Control for the name of opinions, gossip, approval and unsolicited advice.

People try to control the ones they love and their decisions, thinking that the amount of control you have over the other, reflects how much love they have for you.

But no one realises love is only about freedom. Love sets you free, it doesn’t bind, it liberates. The sense of freedom someone feels with you, speaks about how much love is present.

It’s not love when you expect someone to live by your rules. When it becomes all about wanting your own ego to win, even at the cost of watching your loved one suffer. Where is love if you can sit silently, enjoy watching your loved one suffer? That can never be love. That’s nothing but an ego battle, which just shows how weak a soul is, for which it wants to win at any cost, at the detriment of people it claims to love.

When people try to control others, they are letting themselves be controlled by ‘are people being controlled by them or not’. The one who seeks control on the outside, also lets the outside control the inside. Everything happens two ways, there’s no escape in the laws of nature.

The lower the self-love, the more one seeks control, to feel happy.

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