From Karma To Dharma

It’s believed that following a religion, believing in God, praying every day is the path of Dharma. Also believed that you cannot escape the karmic trap. But is it all true?

What’s Dharma? To live a life of purpose.
What’s Karma? Lessons you learn until you become a free soul.

Before these two comes Bhrama, the life of Illusions. Illusions that we are not able to see pass through, before we heal.

The universe keeps putting us through karmic lessons to teach us, heal us and help us rise. The lessons keep repeating until we learn and when we learn, we step out of the karmic trap.

Healing is not only to make you feel better but also to transmute karma and awaken you. Karma is not greater than life and yes escaping karma is possible.

When a person Awakens and steps out of the karmic trap, they step onto the path of Dharma.

Dharma of first being a good human being, being conscious of their actions, helping others heal, sharing spiritual knowledge, being kind to others and helping humanity.

Dharma is not about limiting & abusing people for religious beliefs, sense of duty, responsibility, societal validation & opinions. The only duty every human being has is to be true to our soul.

When you heal yourself, you awaken to your true self, you move towards the path of Dharma.

Lightworkers are on the path of Dharma, not karma.. the karma that they have is to first heal themselves and then heal others. As we heal ourselves, we become healers, we remember our spiritual gifts of healing.

Some people blinded by our light, try to create obstacles in our path. But they don’t realise they are becoming an obstacle in the path of Dharma, a divine mission. They create negative karma for themselves, while they are busy thinking they can pull a high vibrational soul back to the karmic trap. Where Lightworkers are given strength to come out of obstacles & justice, everytime for their good karma.

So heal yourself and welcome a Dharmic life.

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