From Karma To Dharma

It’s believed that following a religion, believing in God, praying every day is the path of Dharma. Also believed that you cannot escape the karmic trap. But is it all true?

What’s Dharma? To live a life of purpose.
What’s Karma? Lessons you learn until you become a free soul.

Before these two comes Bhrama, the life of Illusions. Illusions that we are not able to see pass through, before we heal.

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Take responsibility for your own happiness

This one is such a gem. When you learn this one, day by day and then after practice you finally know the difference.

Irrespective of the situation be whatever it is, you take care of your own happiness.Irrespective of whatever problems going on.. you own your mental, psychological & emotional space. And you allow noone into that space to create a mess.

Remember when Maya Angelou says -“keep a place in your heart, that is pristine and clean no matter what, that nobody can touch” and Oprah agrees to it as the best advice she has ever got.

Own Your Happiness and never depend on anyone for it. You are your own source of light, love, peace, hope and happiness. Oh and don’t try to take responsibility to make everyone happy, only yourself.#own your happiness and own your life.

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