Playing the victim and holding people accountable for abuse are two different things.

There’s a difference between playing the victim and actually being the victim. Truth hurts!!

Until the victims blames themselves for what happened to them, they can’t heal. The victim has to acknowledge that what happened to him/her, wasn’t her fault. And it was someone else’s fault and also say it on their face.

Speak your truth. Noone has the right to change your side of story.

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You can not win over someone who has nothing to lose

Spirituality will help you detach from the worldliness so much, that it won’t matter anymore to win or lose. Battles of life would just be like a game, easy as it used to be in childhood.

And when you know, life is just about living, nothing will touch you. Nor the fear of losing or the pride of winning.

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Fear of letting go | Love & Relationships

It’s the fear of letting go for which we try to hold on to the ones we love, so tightly that we don’t realise it doesn’t feel like love anymore.

We often try to change ourselves and control the other person to manipulate situations, because we fear what if everything ends.

But we don’t realise love doesn’t bind, it liberates. It let’s you go.

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An educated empath is a Narcissist’s worst Nightmare

Did you think empaths have to be scared of Narcissists? It can be the other way around, once the Empath learns their worth.

When empaths learn to love themselves, their self-worth, to discern between fear and intuition, to trust their intuition, to set boundaries and educate themselves over the same single pattern all the Narcissist use every time, they become empowered.

Start your journey today and in some months you will learn to set boundaries, that will itself save you from a lot of Narcs. Psychologists use the term “supply” for a Narcissist’s victims. A good supply is someone who helps the Narcissist inflate his/her ego, gives them validation that they need and lets them have control. If you know how to set boundaries, you will fail a Narcissist as a supply, in the starting few interactions.

Narcissists want to manipulate everyone to feed on their insecurities, so they observe the victim in starting stages of the relationship, that’s the love bombing stage. They will show themselves as the gratified immensely good person they are and how the world is always bad to them. An educated empath in turn, also observes the Narcissist in these starting stages.

If you learn to use your intuition right way and trust it, it will always protect you. I am an intuitive person too, my intuition always tries to tell me something whenever I need protection and I utilise my intuition.

If you educate yourself on Narcissism and your own behaviours that keep you stuck with Narcissists, you will soon learn to come out of the toxic cycle faster with less drama. All Narcissists are scared of being shown the mirror, of their false self-image being broken and educated empaths can do it. Show a Narcissist how inflated their ego is, and they are nowhere close to what they think of themselves.

Using boundaries, you learn to show a Narcissist that all the good qualities they see in themselves are yours, and all the insecurities that they try to project on you to harm your self-worth and keep you stuck in that fog, are all his/her insecurities.

The Narcissist then discards the supply and moves on to a new victim. If you don’t do this, they will anyways discard you after sucking you dry out of the love for yourself, when they have completely ruined you and stolen your identity, they leave, you are not useful to them anymore. They will leave you completely broken & shattered, when you are looking up to them, hoping that they will change. But they don’t change, they know you have sensed that they are not what they were pretending to be, so they leave. They give themselves excuse by saying that you are not as good, positive, energetic person now as they thought you were. Soon you will be out of sight – out of life for them like you never existed for them.

By having boundaries, you can instantly become Narc-repellent. Also, self-love is the only cure to Narcissistic abuse, one day you reach that level of self-love that your happiness comes first than the Narcissist’s, and you become an empowered empath.

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You can choose to be A Victim, A Voice or An Inspiring Story

Soften your heart..

It’s going to make your heart feel heavy. But everyone needs to realise this.

In the life of hustle, we harden our hearts so much that we forget the meaning of life, the meaning of love.

Everyone just wants to be on top, wants to put others down to make themselves better. Our society has been it’s own enemy while setting the norms of perfection, comparison and success. People don’t realise what they do to just satisfy their ego, can create endless pain for someone. There is a need to soften everyone’s heart, it’s not like it’s not in them. When you travel, spend alone time with nature, don’t you feel those quality of your loving soul. It’s in everyone but has been submerged by our lifestyles.

There is another type of people on the spectrum, those who have been through pain and understand the meaning of pain, not wanting to see anyone to go through same pain. This is the empathy which life teaches us, it tries everyday but only some learn. Is it that difficult to understand what it means to lose a loved one. Even after living through so much, some people choose to bring light in someone else’s life.

And those who suffer, don’t think of ending your life, get support, get counseling, choose to be heard. It doesn’t make you less, it shows you are more stronger than your problems. You can choose to be a victim, a voice or an inspiring story. Choose the right option.

People suicide when they experience pain on such level, that they feel it’s easier to end life than live in that void, that sadness and helplessness.

Everyone of you can choose to do your part to save more lives. You can do it by not demeaning others to make yourself better, learn to self-reflect and self descipline. You can do it by being a listening ear to someone who is finding themselves helpless with no shoulder to cry on. You can do it by spending time with your loved ones and being open to listening shame if they have something to talk about. You can do it by spreading awareness of how one’s behavior can be harmful to others.

And most importantly you can do it by learning to love yourself in every situation, when you love yourself, nor there is a need to suppress yourself, nor something can hurt you this badly, nor you have a need to suppress someone else, nor there is fear in reaching out for help, and you are always ready to teach others how to love themselves.

Kudos to those who chose to reach our for help and their families who stick through the pain with them.

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