Your love will carry me through

This is what I wrote the first moment I figured out you are gone.

I thought of you every day
Every time something good happened, I wanted to share it with you
And every time something bad happened, I wanted to share it with you

You were never away from my heart..
I felt your presence everyday..

It was only your love and your memories, that carried me through this dark time. Your love gave me the strength to keep hoping.

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A message to all Divine Feminines | Twin Flames

This is my message to twin flames, especially Lightworkers and Starseeds.

Internet is full of content where everyone suggests to not contact your twin flame during separation. Why do we expect divine Masculines to figure out all about this journey on their own? We feminines are supposed to guide the way for them. We were designed in a way to lead this journey and they were made to follow the light we show.

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Good friends are good healers

Heard it somewhere and I find it to be true.

Good friends are always there for you, they look after you, they fight the odds for you, the protect your, they tell you when you are wrong, they stand by you in every difficulty and they never give up on you.

You can go to them anytime and talk to them about anything & everything. At least this is what I do, coz I just love talking. One of my nicknames is chatterbox 

All I have is my close family and some real friends and it makes me happy.

I love you guys @amu.pran @asfar1536 @chaudhary.kamakshi @ig_sara_h .
I don’t know if I will ever be able to write enough appreciation posts. Just know that I love you and I will always be there for you.

To you guys, I’m a healer, but my healers are my friends. It’s platonic love and I think platonic love is the best thing in this world.

Happy B’day Aman  it’s been 10 years and we have seen a lot together and can’t wait to see more with you.

P.S. if you don’t know yet if someone is a true friend of yours, look out for these qualities.

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Your vibrational match

I have been learning this lesson in last few days and this describes it perfectly.

My spirit guides have been sending me messages through tarot this week and it has been healing me so much. ❤️

Your vibrational match is people who respect you, who love you for who you are, who know your your worth, who provide the unconditional love that you provide to yourself, not only what you provide to them. Also who provide a room for you to grow and grow with you, spiritually, personally, etc. at all levels.

If that makes you feel like I am looking for soulmates, you are right and yes, this is exactly what I get from my friends and family, they should be my soulmates.

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Till the day you give in to your fears or act according to your wounds, it’s attachment. The day you break free, it becomes love, because before that it’s all about ME, ME, ME.

It’s about yourself because you want the other person to adjust for you, you want the other person to wait for you till you complete your other priorities, you want society to understand your love before loving who you claim to love. Sometimes you don’t even want to confess your love because you are afraid of rejection, it will hurt your ego. You want the other person to understand, you want the other person to compromise, you want to be right, you want them to make you feel safe against your own insecurities, you want them to love you first, so that you won’t have to step up, so that you don’t have to fight your insecurities on your own. You don’t want to see them happy with anyone else you leave them alone anyway.

You want them to wait so that you can clear all other things in your life, before you give them back. You claim you want to bring balance, but for that also you want the other person to be patient and do your job. Where’s the balance now? You have all these high expectations of them, but what about their basic needs.

Till the day everything is about yourself, it’s attachment, it’s not love. Love does not give in to fears, love is not selfish. Love frees, love teaches love, but it also teaches to fight against everything else, all barriers, to keep that love by your side. Love does not want something in return, it surrenders.

When your love becomes unconditional, it becomes free, free of opinions, free of limitations, free of fears, free of everything else. Once everyone can see it’s unconditional, no opinion can interfere anyway. It becomes free, it surrenders. True love is surrender to the feeling of love and to the one you love.

So is it love? Ask yourself.

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The most important factor for happy relationship is Boundaries.

Some say it takes trust, some say respect, some say unconditional love.

But how would you know how much trust means trust and how much respect means respect for the other person. That’s where boundaries are important.

Unconditional love, people get an idea of selfless love, let the other person do whatever he/she wants, I will keep loving. Can this really work? Another person can exploit your boundaries and expect you to love unconditionally.

True love is when you learn that having boundaries is a part of unconditional love. Not having boundaries is like betraying yourself, not being true to yourself. Can you actually give true love, when you are coming from a place where you are not in 100% alignment with yourself. To be one with anything else, you need to be one with yourself first.

[oneness]Boundaries are the secret of happy relationships, both platonic & non-platonic. Through all these years, when my life was falling apart, the relationship that still sustained are the ones who know how to respect boundaries. Happy relationships are the secret to a happy life.

P.S. Learn the difference between oneness & boundaries. I learnt this from Teal swan.

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Re-evaluate your friendships everyday

One of my oldest writes. 18 May 2018. Triggered quite a lot of people that time, though I didn’t realise then that they are fake.

How to recognise toxic friends? That friend who puts a status when you share your failure with them and gets competitive at your success. Who always talk about your not-so-good moments to others and rarely your qualities. People who always find something to blame you for or always make you feel invalidated. Who are probably never there for you, but you are always, no reciprocity. Friends who get jealous, compare your life with theirs, criticize you, discourage you when you talk about your dreams. Definitely wrong types of friends.

I filtered people in my life for quite a good amount of time, say 2 years and I know how healthy friendship feels like. Unhealthy friendship is one of those things that you don’t realise until you experience something better.

Why is it important to cut toxic people out of life? You become like the 5 closest people in your life, so you need to stay away from misery. If you are investing your time in the wrong people, you will have less time for the right people. The right people are those who will always work on themselves & all the issues, to meet you halfway in any kind of relationship. Friendship is an important one, because this is the only relation we get to choose completely by ourselves.

It takes a lot of courage to cut contacts with people, but once you are through the process, you will feel more loved, excited about life & end up thanking yourself for doing it, loving yourself more.

I literally started with feeling guilty of giving up on people, but now I am proud of my decisions. But what if I didn’t give up on them? What if I gave up on myself??
So give yourself permission to become your truest authentic self. Your journey starts with choosing people who align with it.

Quote inspired by Joel Osteen.

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Be Free From External Influence

Everyday that I am building a new life for myself, breaking the norms, reaching self-fulfillment, I meet people who don’t believe in me. But guess what, I don’t care anymore. Because I know how stepping into my power makes me feel like.

People who don’t have faith, teach you to not have faith.
People who don’t feel confident, teach you to not be confident.
People who aren’t true to themselves, don’t want you to be truthful.
People who can’t shine on their own, don’t want you to shine.
People who don’t know how to trust, teach you to not trust.
People who are insecure inside, try to make you feel insecure.
People who don’t know how to Love, teach you not to love.
People who don’t have a pure heart, teach you to not have one.
People who are not kind, teach you to not be kind.
People who don’t have a life, don’t want you to have one.
People who feel powerless, teach you not to feel in your power.
People who don’t know how to take a stand, teach you to not have a stand.

People do it because they don’t know any better. But I am a way shower and if I get stuck, then who’s gonna do it. So I’m gonna do it anyway. My life’s purpose for this lifetime is to live my authentic self and I will do it no matter what.

People feel I am soft so they can throw their shit stuff on me, but they make one mistake when they forget that I am a mixture of all things including inner power. I don’t step down to any of my haters’ level, I just do me.

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