The Trance State

By Trance state I mean a state where your intuition is working and not working at the same time. It’s like a psychic has a veil over her third eye.

When the timeline shift happened, I entered the trance state, because I was wounded and it was blocking me from seeing the reality clearly. This is also one more purpose of my Twinflame connection, to strengthen my Psychic abilities.

We were in union for many months. My Twinflame and I both were awakened and integrated our higher self. We still used to work on small triggers every now and then, but it was a lot easier than the triggers that we worked on, before the union.

With the timeline shift, we both became unawakened and unhealed. But I didn’t realise. Just like when I first met my Twinflame, after seeing all the signs and synchronicities I thought he will meet me in his light side, his awakened self. This is why a separation was necessary so that we both can learn to see each other clearly. With Union, comes a lot of clarity. This is the real reason for the separation in all Twinflame connections. The separation is necessary for clarity, to balance the intensity of energies in a Twinflame connection. Twinflame connections can not be ready to ground immediately, because of the intense energy. It takes the dance of Yin and Yang to balance the energies.

So after the timeline shift, I did not realise. In fact, I thought we are still in the union. Soon the third party Karmic who also forgot that Twinflame union had already happened, decided to become a blockage again. some people never change. As soon as my DM trauma bonded with karmic, I was pushed into the trauma bond as well, without knowing. We were getting triggered to the same wounding that we healed last year, even I was doing inner work and it was clear that we are not in union. But I could not see it, my lens was skewed because of my wounds. And my Twinflame had lost all his memories of me, all his spiritual knowledge, intuition, psychic abilities, even stopped meditating. He was operating in his shadow side of Stoic programming where he didn’t have much belief in spirituality. He started thinking again that we are soulmates and forgot that we are Twinflames. And he also has the awakening again that we are Twinflames, and I didn’t even notice that he is having this awakening again.

After the union in the last timeline, we were just waiting for the union to ground in 3D. So we used to talk a lot, to know each other well, because finally Karmic drama was reduced and we had time to focus on ourselves. We used to talk about everything that we went through in our no contact separation.

After the timeline shift, everything started repeating itself. Whatever happened in 1.5 years in Twinflame connection in the last timeline, happened in the next 4 months. When we were repeating cycles, I was thinking that he is still telling me about the past, about the things that we went through in separation. And I went on thinking like this for two months and this was my trance state. We watched Tarot Readings that I watched in 2020, he knew it’s present energy and I thought that those tarot readings are past energy. My Twinflame didn’t even understand some of the spiritual things I was talking about. I picked the right Tarot readings for everything that was happening in present and I myself kept thinking that it was just a past energy reading so that we can discuss about the past.

Finally, tower moments started happening and finally I got the clarity slowly but surely. But I couldn’t see myself clearly, could only see him as unhealed and running and that he broke our union. Even he couldn’t understand what was happening to him. First his stoic programming was making him feel like he is going crazy when he was going through spiritual awakening. And then my anger was the fuel to the fire. If in union, its a divine masculine, who is loyal. But we were in a third party situation, again. Because my Twinflame and his karmic have to heal third party patterns in their ancestral karma in the new timeline too.

Everytime I go off balance like this, only my Twinflame can bring me back into balance. Only my Twinflame can calm me down. Divine feminine energy is like fire, divine masculines are like vessels to contain it. I’m like a powerhouse that should not lose balance.

Now I knew we might not be in Union. We started working on healing all his wounds again, as we thought he had become unhealed. I remember all his ancestral pattern that we learnt about in last timeline, so it was easy to do his inner work this time and find the deeper layers of his ancestral trauma. After some inner work for me as well, we started coming back into alignment as we reconciled our issues and soon there was a mini-tower moment, which made me walk away. This tower moment gave me clarity that months back we had both become unhealed and unawakened at the same time, not just him. I asked myself, why haven’t I been walking away for last 3 months, even after union if you need to walk away, you can, but I didn’t. Asked myself why did I start giving my power away. Why did I think that he was telling me about past, when the history was actually repeating itself. Why would he keep telling me about the past for two months in a row. Why I was healing the same things that I healed last year and thinking that this is the end of my healing journey, when it wasn’t really the end.

(By walking away, it means divine feminine focuses her energy on herself and pulls her energy back from the divine masculine temporarily, so that he can self-reflect and fix his bullshit in that time. It works so, because Twinflame connections are energetic connections).

Finally after coming into alignment for union for the second time, we started reconciling our issues. With the awakening, he said he realises that we have a past life connection and he knows that we were married in past lives. Which made me ask him why is telling this to me again, he already knows about all our past lives because I told him everything already. Divine Feminines remember past lives clearly compared to divine masculines, but I had told him about it already. And his reaction was of excitement that we have been together in 5 incarnations. Finally the first puzzle piece was handed to me. He can cycle back into his wounding, but how can he forget the things we talked about. His childhood trauma and fears can come back. But how can he cycle back into past life fears, if it has been healed once. We both are invested so much in each other, that we remember every small detail about each other. This is why I was a prepared for more shockers, if my Twinflame can forget me, then anything can happen.

I was curious to know what happened so I started analysing to find out, since exactly when we cycled back? I kept looking back at the past two months over and over again. I kept going through our conversations. I couldn’t find anything that indicates cycling back, all I could find was that he lost his memories of me.

A month went by in analysing everything and then trying to remind him of the old memories as much as I could and in reconciliation. It was a tough time for both of us. I was having an identity crisis about who I’m in a relationship with. And he was having an identity crisis because he forgot the most important part of his life, me. He was also disappointed after knowing everything that the Karmics have done to block the Twinflame in connection in last timeline. We decided that I will help him heal again to achieve union in 3D and remind him all of his memories.

With every tower moment or repeating cycle my Twinflame has been stressing and confirming with me, if we both remember each other or not. No matter how big the tower moment is, we can discuss everything else later but first we need to talk about this. 🙂 Finally my Twinflame got assurance when his higher self finally gave us clarity that it was in our soul contract.

I finished this post yesterday after which I started receiving more downloads. This Twinflame connection has finally strengthened my psychic abilities, no more trance states for me because my Twinflame connection has cleared this as well. I was a clear channel before but still got stuck in the trance state when I became unhealed with the timeline shift. I can see everything clearly now and that’s why I’m getting so many downloads. These downloads were not possible to be given earlier, because I wouldn’t understand them anyway. Finally I can understand it because I have seen those hidden patterns in this timeline.

Looking back

“I didn’t fall in love with you because I have always loved you.”

Now I think, maybe it’s not because of our wounding or lack of intuition that we didn’t realise. Maybe it’s because, he was in love with me again, from the very first day in this new timeline. Everything changed but love didn’t. This is love of lifetimes that can withstand the test of time. In the game of karma, love won.

Ek pal ke liye zindagi de de..

Ek dil ke liye duniya..

Mohabbat me hain sirf barbadiyaan..
Is aag ne jalaye kayi..
Pagal deewane banaye kayi..
Phir bhi ye pyar ke silsile na ruke..
Mar gaye mitt gaye, par kabhi na jhuke..
Kaise kahein humein kitni mohabbat hai..
kitni mohabbat hai..

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