True Self

Twinflames are the same soul in two different bodies. They look different but they aren’t.

They look different, they look like they are opposites attract. But even that’s not the reality.

They are two pieces of a puzzle, that fit perfectly together.

When Twinflames are created, it’s the same ball of energy that is split into two. One has masculine polarity and another has feminine polarity. Yin and yang.

Both have the same true self. If I incarnated into a masculine body, my true self would be exactly like him and vice versa.

I had an ego blockage because of my own limiting beliefs. My Twinflame is still not different then he was in the last timeline. Whatever happens, our true selves will always be in perfect alignment with each other. Because after being awakened, we will release our shadow selves totally..

In last timeline, my Twinflame ran into Karmic connection and used this as an excuse that we are quite different. He thought it’s easier to be with someone who is also in the same karmic energies.
And I was the one who explained him, that whenever he will complete his awakening and his true self would come out, it would be exactly like mine.

Not only that, I have seen it from the starting. I can see myself in my Twinflame. We are perfect mirrors for each other. But yes, I struggled to accept it initially with my seperation triggers.

This time I was struggling with the same blockage. I had decided that I have a fixed type, which is how my Twinflame was in the last timeline after awakening.

There is an oracle card -“Your soulmate may differ from your usual type and expectations. Keep an open mind.”

Human ego tries to create so many limitations by being idealistic, that we lose touch with reality.

Lessons learnt..😌

When on the ascension journey, remember this. Low vibrational people will give you wrong advice to take you off track, by telling you that are not each other’s type. This is how my Twinflame went off track.

It’s best to follow your intuition and spirit guidance. Remember to differentiate between your intuition and fears. Dark forces are not any demonic entities, but darkness comes in form of people to distract you from your purpose.

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