My Twinflame recognition signs

I was already in my north node when we first met.. I had my first awakening and that’s why I was in the vibration of manifesting a soul connection. He prayed and I raised my vibration, that’s how we manifested the first meeting.

I had my first dark night of soul in November 2019 and I had integrated my awakening by the end of the year 2019. That’s why I decided to leave IT. My Twinflame just appeared at the right time to guide me to right direction. I had resigned but I wasn’t sure if I should look for a new job or take a break. He made me believe in myself. I finally decided to choose my life purpose, which is my blog, over everything.

Yes, I experienced communitcation with my twinflame’s higher self in this dark night of soul as well, it was even before we met.. I got some messages in tarot readings and I didn’t know who’s giving me those messages, but it was nice to know that someone cares about me. I thought those readings are from my future spouse, I didn’t know I have a soulmate or a Twinflame. I have never used the word “soulmate” before, unlike many people who mistakes their Karmics for soulmates. I used to listen to it for motivational purposes 😅, when he used to tell me that he will take care of all the bullies in my life.🤣😜😅 Sorry not sorry ex bullies, it was a nice escape for my imaginative mind. All victims of abuse, use escapism as a survival mechanism.

These were the signs and synchronicities that I experienced before our fated meeting. Also a lot of predictions about how and where I will meet my Twinflame. Even developing interest in Tarot was a sign. I started practicing painting again, my past life skills started coming back. All Twinflames start developing interest in new hobbies like this, around the time of fated meeting. And ofcourse, don’t forget the songs.

We became friends immediately. And when used to talk on the roadside. So many dogs will come and sit around us. He used to think animals try to roam around me because I am an earth angel. Actually animals used to roam around us because Twinflames radiate so much light when they are together. I read about it later, this is also a Twinflame recognition sign. I will be laughing my heart out on his jokes and he will keep reminding me to not step on the street dogs. I was laughing like that after a long time. I was just coming out of depression, rebuilding my confidence.

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