South node to North node

One more puzzle piece that I have figured out..

I was living in my north node since 2020, after having my first awakening.

After the timeline shift, my life moved into the south node again. Because I had a lot of karmic lessons to complete. Many karmic lessons were familiar to the last timeline.

I can say the karmic cycles were familiar because I have seen history repeat itself. But somehow it was able to show me deeper layers of my trauma. Spirit guides were right as always.

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It’s time to get serious for yourself

It’s time to get serious in life, to find that #determination for yourself.

If you want to be successful in your career, you need to work hard to achieve your #goals. You need to work on your mental health, you need to heal your past wounds, you need to make amends with people in your life and have a work-life balance. Every great person was made out of these qualities.

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Soulmate & Twin Flame Connections

Soulmate & Twin Flame Connections

Soulmates are souls who hold the same frequency, incarnate together many times. It can be a romantic relationship or a platonic one. You can have multiple soulmates. Feels like you have known this person before. It’s a harmonious relationship.

But a Twin Flame is the same soul split into two. They choose the twin flame journey to help each other evolve. It is a Romantic relationship. Only those who signed up for a twin flame journey, have one, and it’s only one.

They also incarnate together many times but go through many ups and downs together to force each other to grow. They keep separating until both souls are awakened, and each feels whole in him/ herself. I know everyone says you are whole in yourself, but those who have a twin flame feel incomplete without each other. It doesn’t mean they should not feel whole in self, they actually have to go through a lot of ups and downs until they learn self-love. Only then they can unite.

One soul holds divine Masculine energy and another holds divine Feminine (any gender, doesn’t matter). One is awakened first and acts as a torch-bearer. When both are awakened and healed, the universe supports them to come together. These souls have a mission together to teach this world and to each other, self-love, true unconditional love and to show the world that love exists. Together they are powerful, both complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

On a deeper spiritual level, each anchors light for another. Both mirror each other and also have a telepathic connection. When they are together, nothing else matters.

Starseed twin flames have also a mission together.

Soulmates also have to go through healing, but they don’t go through as many cycles as twin flames. All high vibrational connections require both people to overcome fears & heal.

You meet your soulmate/TF in reality when you shift into the vibration of love. Self-love is the key to manifest a spiritual love connection.

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You Deserve Everything

This is a abundance block that most people have.

I have been a giver my whole life and then even after awakening I was still feeling overwhelmed for what this universe has given me, the gifts, the lovely people, the blessings, the happiness and everything. I was burdening myself with a sense of keep doing something constantly so that I can pay back to this world. Which I am still going to do, I still have a sense of purpose because it makes me myself, but I have now realised everyone’s first purpose is to live life to the fullest.

Any God that you believe in, it answers your prayers, it gives you love, hope, happiness regardless. You just need to be you, your authentic self and you don’t have to pay back to him for what you have received. You got it because you already deserve it.

It took me years to realise that I deserve respect, I deserve love, I deserve to be me, I deserved to be happy, I deserve to have right people and relationships in my life, I deserve success, I deserve appreciation, I deserve everything. And then it took a moment of spiritual realisation to know that whatever I deserve, I deserve it by just being me, I don’t have to have a sense burden to pay back to the world.

So every human being, deserves everything. Love to be the most. Everyone deserves it. Stop feeling unloved, non-deserving, un-lovable, people who love you, they love for who you are. Stop trying to make people stay in your life by keep giving, those who love you will anyway stay. You are enough, just by being yourself.

You are life, a being of love and you deserve love.
Be open to receiving love.

P.S. This quote doesn’t mean you try to get everything by manipulating, controlling or abusing others in a Narcissistic way.

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