Why does the society hate beautiful people?

People demonify beauty. Why?

Beauty is present everywhere, stars, nature, flowers, plants, leaves, colours, art, architecture, decor, outfits and faces. Beauty is a very human experience that’s been with us for millions of years. Watching beautiful things gives us a delightful feeling and that makes us happy.

Beauty is healing.

But for some reason, people expect beautiful people to hide their beauty. Only out of their own insecurities and self-limiting beliefs.

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My Healing Journey

After I filed papers in the first company, I was doing better everyday, but I had the stress about finding a job again. When I took a month’s break, I was doing better. When I joined the next job, I was excited to finally start the working again. But that year I lost a lot of friendships, it was some 25-30 friends that I cut off. And if you include normal friends, work colleagues and old work colleagues, the count had was 60.

First month in that job was fine. I had also learnt to manage energetic boundaries with toxic people. Whatever happened in 2018, gave me clarity that I’m an empath and I need to learn how to set boundaries. But soon they started bullying me. And then I started feeling the depression again. It was a different issue but everything reminded me of the past, that I was trying to get away from. Everyday I used to ask myself why are these people jealous of me? I have nothing left, my love is gone, then the humiliation that I faced with harassment. Everyday coming back from office, all I could think about was the last year. I had so much anxiety that I was hiding. All the time I would keep shrinking inside and no one would even get a clue. I had slowly started hating the city. Big cities and selfish people. Generally, people block their heart chakra after heartbreak in romantic relationships, but mine got blocked because of the harassment.

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I don’t know which part of it people don’t get when I say, we are the same soul. We both know what’s written in the destiny. No matter who came between us or before or after, I am his destiny and he is my destiny. It’s my God-given right, that’s the truth and a spiritual boundary that everyone should understand. We are Twinflames and Twinflame connection is a spiritual marriage for eternity. This is the first lesson that every Twinflame couple is here to teach the world. Everything that happens in 3D is an illusion, only love is real. Why do you think all the Twinflames have their soul contracts designed in a way that it’s unconventional according to society’s current norms. We have been together for eternity, for I don’t even know if I should say a thousand years or million years, I think light-years would be perfect. He is mine and will be mine forever, no matter how far we wander on earth. I don’t want to give a chance to anyone else, because I already know the result, that connection will end soon because my destiny is written with my Twinflame. It’s a wise decision. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Otherwise people would accuse my Twinflame that he is stealing me from my karmic by using his looks.

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South node to North node

One more puzzle piece that I have figured out..

I was living in my north node since 2020, after having my first awakening.

After the timeline shift, my life moved into the south node again. Because I had a lot of karmic lessons to complete. Many karmic lessons were familiar to the last timeline.

I can say the karmic cycles were familiar because I have seen history repeat itself. But somehow it was able to show me deeper layers of my trauma. Spirit guides were right as always.

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Let your light shine

Inspired by Lisa Nicols.

When you start shining in your authenticity. Some people start to admire you, but some people try to steal your shine. Like they try to paint the bulb black so it’s 70 Watts shine reduces to 40 Watts shine. But what if you keep turning it up to 100W then 200W. They are going to be like “oh, it’s too bright, it’s too bright, turn it down”. But when you don’t turn it down, they change their way.

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Full Face Makeup look

Nuo filter added so that you can see how the look turned out. kept the lipstick nude, since the eyes are already too bold.. lipstick is a mixture of 2 different shades

You can also find one more makeup tutorial which is on my YOUTUBe channel, it will help you understand application of every product very clearly.

Full face makeup

Detailed list of products used-
Toner – Tea Tree Toner(homemade)
Face cream- Body Shop Vitamin E day cream
Primer – Bodyography Foundation Primer : Clear
Foundation – Maybelline Dream Satin Skin
Concealer- Maybelline Age Rewind : Medium
Lipstick1- Maybelline colorshow creamy matte: Mysterious Mocha
Lipstick 2 – Elle18 color pops matte: choco bite
Highlighter- Sivvana shimmer strips 04
Eyeshadow – Sugar blend the blues Eyeshadow Quad – 06 Disturbia & Miss clair eyeshadow  singles: 0824(black)
Eyeliner- Maybelline Hyper Glitz ink in Dark Blue
Blush- Maybelline colorshow : Creamy Cinnamon
Mascara – Sugar Uptown curl : black beauty
Eyebrows- Arch Arrival Brow Definer :01 Jerry Brown
Contour – Makeup Obsession contour cream : medium
Makeup remover- Maybelline Total Clean

In case you really liked some of the products, you can buy them on Amazon:

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream

Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Oil

Bodyography Hydration Primer – Clear

Maybelline FitMe Matte+Poreless Foundation

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Maybelline FitMe Compact Powder

Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil

Sugar Eyebrow Definer

Sugar Limitless Mascara – Black with a Bang

Wet&Wild Colored Kohl Eyeliners

Wet&wild Eyeshadow Pellate Rose in the Air

Wet&wild Eyeshadow Crease Brush

Wet&Wild Fluffy Blending brush

Maybelline Dreamy Blush

Makeup Obsession Cream Contour

Sivanna Colors Shimmer Brick Highlighter -04

Maybelline Creamy Matte – Nude Nuanc

Maybelline Creamy Matte – Siren in Scarlett

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Sleeping Twins

#SleepingTwins #humSoGayeThe

We can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. This is a picture taken in my Masi’s wedding, must be the same day 12th May. My cousin sent me this picture from their photo album. I don’t know why the photographer clicked this one, probably because it’s funny. Or maybe he rarely finds kids sleeping like this, so unapologetic.

My sister and I, are not twins, but we have been raised like we are. We wore the same clothes for a long time because we share the same taste. When we started living in hostels, sometimes we would wear the same outfits and not realise why everyone is looking at us, so we decided to never shop the same again. We have stopped caring about it, over time, finally grown up.

It’s fun, to be so free, that you are not shy enough to sleep anywhere if you want to. This is we why don’t fit in, we never learnt to, we make our own way. We always had each other’s back, never had to look up to anyone else.

P.S. I am starting to post non-spiritual content also. Let’s bring the vibe of positive energy.

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