Starseed Twin Flames & Double Mission

When starseeds choose to come as twin flames, they have double life-mission. They don’t only have the power of immense light but also the power of immense love. They embody the yin and yang energies to anchor love in this 3D world. This is the double mission.

Starseeds are fated to be together with their twin flame and fulfil their soul mission on earth. They can’t be separated, because fate is always working to bring them together. So that they can follow their soul mission and heal others. Just like a lightworker can’t be kept away from their fate, twin flames can’t be kept away from each other.

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Art, Lightworkers & Past Life Karma

Some people think I became an artist because of them, that they led me to art. If they had or had not come into my life, I would still be an artist. What they don’t know I was an artist 2 lives back also. I only had to master this skill again, coz my souls remembers.

I came in touch with art from early childhood, I loved drawing, I love watching kids art hour shows on TV. My mom used to give us sketching assignments, I used to take craft competitions in my school so seriously. My Nani put me to embroidery. I chose to learn to make soft toys, emboss paintings and Mehandi on my own. I was introduced to painting with my Maasi’s high-grade watercolours.

And we choose our families, we choose our parents. Our soul chooses it so that we can learn our lessons. I learnt the art from my maternal family and honesty from my Dad. Not like I didn’t have these innately, but to see them as values, until my awakening.

This is why always be thoughtful when you resent your parents for something. Even people who are born into dysfunctional families, it happened for a reason.

Most of the Lightworkers are born in families who have a history of ancestral trauma, they choose difficult situations because that’s where light is needed the most. Every lightworker breaks the pattern of dysfunction in their family line. It all ends with them. Their good karma is not only good for themselves but also for future generations. This is what we mean when we say all lightworkers are placed strategically in the grid. And it’s not only about the family line, but it can also be religion, poverty, a low vibrational place, a tradition, a war etc.

People who bullied me tried to use spiritual bypassing against me, saying it’s my past life karma that I am being abused now. But, I remember now, my past life karma brings people who support me. I helped people in my past lives too and I know very few of them now also, with time I might remember more.

So be careful what you think about light-bringers.

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People don’t get their Karma, they live their Karma

If you ever wonder why bad people don’t get their Karma back. Truth is they are already living with their karma.

The reason they do all those bad deeds unconsciously, their unconsciousness itself is their karma.

Highly unconscious people try to gain power by manipulating or controlling other’s in their life. And they do get it, but deep inside they know that all those people may not love them for their original self. How petty it is to live like that, always wondering if people would love them for their true self. They live in constant pain, still trying to keep everything together by hook or crook, that’s their Karma to live in constant fear of being abandoned.

For the fun part – It’s just a little bit different in my life, being a lightworker I can see everyone’s true self also but I still love them unconditionally. Every soul has love & purity inside but some have forgotten it. When I do that I show them the possibility of what life can be if they change. Kinda like I become their Karma to remember me as an example for their whole life.

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The Truth About KARMA

Spirituality is not being understood well. Karma is not bigger than life.
People keep blaming their life situations saying that it’s their past life Karma. I agree, to something that you are not able to find an answer could be past life Karma. But people either forget or don’t want to understand the fact that present karma is more powerful than past karma. And life is powerful than both.

Once you become conscious, all the karma leaves behind, because it changes your psychological structure, your memory, you remember your true self with all the 7 qualities of soul in balance. Now you can properly conduct this life that’s in you. And this ultimately makes you escape the karmic trap itself.

Funny thing is people blame past karma, but don’t even realise what they are doing in present. It’s not always that you get your past life Karma back, most of the times it’s from your present life itself. Day to night all that negativity you spread, that negativity enters you first before entering anyone else and keeps you in a state of lower consciousness.

Theory of Karma itself says, karma doesn’t come back after few days, months or years. Whatever you do on to others, is already done to you, it already brought you in the lower vibration. To make such decisions of doing wrong Karma by will, it takes certain level of unconsciousness.

And some people be like we didn’t have a choice. Perhaps you did have a choice, but because the right path was tough, you chose the easy one. Not making a choice is also a choice. What choices you are ready to make, also depends on your will power/soul power.

When you make the right choices even in chaos, maybe you are in trouble because of past karma, but even while facing the situation, if you take right actions, this good karma will also come back. Isn’t it!!

I know I am dropping a bomb here, and a lot of people are going to be like what!! But just pay attention to what is being told in so many scriptures and by so many spiritual gurus, it’s all the same thing. I’m not talking about anything new.

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