What Awakening really looks like?

There are many types of awakenings, but there is one awakening which is unique, which only starseeds experience.

Emotional awakening happens when an emotional closed off person finally opens it’s his heart. Material Awakening when a person learns there’s no satisfaction in the material realm. Spiritual awakening when people become open to soul consciousness.

And then there is Starseed Awakening. An awakening different than everything else. All starseeds can relate to each other, but not normal Humans.

We come from a different dimension, we are aliens here. We follow our soul truth. The truth that doesn’t match with what society says is right or just. We bring justice, a different type of justice, that breaks all the false systems, that opens people’s eyes to the truth, to what is right and what is wrong.

Some people don’t accept it, they question us. Even if we make haters, we are pushing them to curiosity about “what is really right.”

Systems of dictatorship, corruption, politics, money, hierarchy, society, slavery, abuse, narrow mindedness, generations of dysfunction, injustice, religion, patriarchy, matriarchy, justified moral values.

Everything that looks good on paper, isn’t always good.. everything that we were taught is right, isn’t always right.

People think Starseed are rebels, we are. We came here to breakdown everything that is not going to align with a new ascended earth. Rebelling is our life purpose, our job, that’s what we were born for. What humans see as rebellion, is Awakening to our soul truth for a Starseed.

Starseeds are divinely orchestrated to be put in places and environments where there is a need for breakdown. Every Starseed’s destiny is predecided, designed by the divine. Wherever we incarnate, we incarnate with soul family. Our soul family starts incarnating around us, generations prior, to assist us

People underestimate starseeds. Starseeds are such powerful souls, that you won’t even realise. You can’t see what’s hidden, only we can. We are not from here, but we are from a better place where it’s more important to live true to your soul calling. We come here to teach humans a better way of being.

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