For normal people who don’t understand Twin Flame connection

I have been posting about Twin Flames. Those who are twin souls or high vibrational souls will be able to understand it. But today I want to talk to mundane people who don’t believe or just don’t understand anything about twin flames. And this is going to be probably what every twin flames want to say to the world.

Twin flames are divine counterparts, made for each other. Just because they go through a separation, doesn’t mean they don’t care about each other or the love is gone.

People try to label twin flame connection as a rebound, fling, toxic, nothing serious etc, just because their divine union is not achieved yet. Just because they are in separation, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Twin flames love each other for eternity, even before knowing that their person has incarnated this time or not, that way their whole life can be called just a rebound. These shallow labels of illusions don’t matter, twin flames have true love for each other and that’s it.

Some other people try to connect with them and then question why this person is not ready to love anyone else even in separation. Some try to come in between & think that they have given more than the person’s twin flame. How do you know? Twin flames love each other not only for this birth, but for many more past incarnations. They incarnate together again and again, in different centuries, different places, different star systems. There love is not only centuries-old but thousands of light years old. No one can ever really replace that love. They are like two parts of the same soul loving each other for eternity.

Twin souls are high vibrational souls who awaken each other and then help awaken the world. And a low vibrational person can never become a twin flame’s match. Twin flames never love anyone else like they love each other. If they have some karmic relationships before they meet, is only because they chose that soul contract to learn the meaning of true love and value each other even more.

Mundanes who don’t understand #soullove, at least don’t try to redicule their sacred love and spread hate. They are highly Spiritual souls who chose to go through all that, only to awaken humanity.

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