You are LIMITLESS, just break free

Every soul is innately free-spirited and limitless.

It’s our belief systems that keep us limited. We think Karma is caused by our bad actions done towards someone else. But mostly it is caused by our own belief systems. We hold on to our limiting beliefs and they keep us trapped.

All you need to do is shed those limiting beliefs and grow, you will feel free.

When I was going through my Spiritual awakening, the decision to move away from toxic people, leaving the 9 to 5, telling my friends and family about my Spiritual awakening, talking about my past on my blog, talking about my Psychic abilities. Everything was as scary as it could be, because I didn’t personally know anyone else who had gone through the same things. No one in my family line had ever used tarot even. Everytime opening up made me face the fear of what will it bring. Will it push people away or will they be able to accept it?

It was just my limited belief that something tragic would happen, everything will crumble. But it didn’t, I showed my new-self over & over, and they loved it. Remember, people who won’t like your growth, are the ones who probably should not be in your life. But at the same time, it made me count, how many people have a probability to fall away and how many will stay. And what if I end up alone. That’s the fear. What if I don’t open up, would I have to pretend to be someone that I’m not, for whole my life.

I followed my heart and did it anyway and I am happy with the outcomes. I did take sometime to first porcess everything by myself and then share. Because it was my responsibility to communicate it in the right way, when you are comfortable inside, you are comfortable outside too. Me being authentic, brought so much transparency in our relationships and we are happy. I even chose to stick to some people that I had a rough relationship with, but we healed it. With me transcending my ego, transcended all my relationships into unconditional love.

Most of the time, it’s just what we fear that keeps us trapped, not people. When you choose to show your authentic self to the world, the universe chooses to shower you with love 10 times more, it always brings healing. When you surrender, give something selflessly, the universe rewards it 10 times back.

The universe/God does not test your commitment to itself, but towards your own soul. So how willing are you to free your soul?

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