Mass consciousness and Starseeds

Since the time I have started posting about limited belief systems, relationships, defending, true empowerment, attachments. I feel a lot of negative energies coming my way. Even more people & relationships are shedding out of my life. I was trying to understand why it is happening again after I had already cut toxic people off. The answer is –

“I am not only stepping into being an empowered human, but also an empowered lightworker. Some people are going to be incredibly threatened to see me in my power, also because they have seen me being the ordinary person that I was.”

This message came a few days back from my spirit guides. I have to keep walking my path that is true to my soul and to not give in to the distractions. I am finding my own truth and moving away from mass consciousness. People who are still stuck in the same mass consciousness and thought forms, aren’t going to easily accept it.

Starseeds come here so that being an outsider, having experienced high vibrational dimensions. They can see what is wrong here on Earth, with the systems. Since everyone here is stuck in that mass consciousness, they never question it. Earthbound people find it completely normal, so there was a need for someone to come here from outside and show the light. This place needs an awakening, but there’s no one to initiate it, everyone finds it normal to be unawakened. And so it needed outsiders, the spirit could not initiate the awakening from outside, so starseeds had to come here live between us and show the light.

Starseeds do not align with current mass consciousness because they came here to transform it, into a higher consciousness.

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