Self love

This is the only difference in a Twin Flame and a karmic. One is all about self-love and the other ends with self-love.

Whether you are in separation or in union, the day your twin flame enters your life, the only thing you do going forward, is teaching each other self-love.

Whether it becomes a romantic relationship or a platonic going forward, they always want the best for you and always show you how to love yourself first.

Ending it with this message. Focus on self love and your twin flame or soulmates, soul family will manifest into reality. Do not focus all your time to find your twin. If you are destined to meet them in this life, you will. Also, not everybody has a twin flame.

This is big misconception that everybody has a twin flame, I feel it started from people who want to earn money by promising you that they can help find your twin flame. No offense to anyone, but not everyone has a twin flame.

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