Women Empowerment.

We’re not in an era where men abuse women, it’s an era where women abuse women.

Women who pity themselves for being illtreated by society, still treat other women with disrespect, abuse, backstabbing, gossip, slander, bullying, verbal abuse, scapegoating, identity theft and a lot more.

Women who think only they were suppressed and no one else, have a victim mentality. Women who think they deserve to abuse other women, because they had a better life, because others were never abused . And women who try to rub other’s past wounds to feel better about themselves.

They forget to look inwards. They talk about women empowerment but they do nothing else to instant gratification and disempowering other women. Until you bully others, you are still a victim. You are not free of the control that this society taught you is right, you yourself are still a part of that male dominant society that you hate.

To all the women, if you really want to see yourself empowered, you need to stop disempowering other women. Unity is strength. How can you become the person that you hated yourself? How can you abuse women, after all, that you have endured yourself, how does your conscience allow you to do it?

Be the change you want to see.

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It’s time for an awakening for your soul. It’s time where you learn what oneness means, what vision means, what purpose means and what real women empowerment means.

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