Twin Flame Separation

Not everyone is a twin flame. Twin flames are high vibrational souls who come here with a Spiritual mission. A lot of Starseeds / Lightworkers choose to come as twin flames. Twin flame connection is such a high vibrational connection that if there’s any low vibrational energy which has not been released, both of the twins have to go into separation. Everything is divinely guided, supported and protected. Archangel Michael looks after every twin flame.

A lot of times one person is awakened before another, and so separation happens which gives space for the second person also to heal and awaken. The time given is for both of them to love themselves, heal codependency if any, clear past energies, clear lingering toxic energies from external people or any type of society imposed limitations. Spirit supports in releasing anything negative that tries to invade the connection.

As they grow, they come in touch with their divine energies, divine Masculine and divine feminine ( gender in 3D doesn’t matter). This is why a lot of external people also feel attracted to the DM and DF because they are in their divine energies, but those are just mere obstacles, twins always have a loyal heart for each other.

They even learn to balance their inner masculine & feminine energies. As both people heal and grow into their self-love, the time for reunion approaches. Now they can come together with higher energies. It’s Spiritual love and there is no love compared to it.

Twin flame journey brings up healing, awakening, spiritual gifts in each person. Together twin flames have a mission to share the message of love and light with this world. When twin flames come together after so many obstacles, they show the world that true love exists. People who didn’t believe in love, now start believing in true love.

“The love is otherworldly, they forget everything around when they look into each other’s eyes.”

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One thought on “Twin Flame Separation

  1. D.A.M. says:

    I awoke to my journey just over two years ago an inadvertently awoke my flame to her’s a year before.
    we have just started on our fourth separation. Ours is an extremely emotional journey because of the suppressed memories within us both.


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