To live lighter, learn to forgive. It frees you more than the other person. People act according to their conditioning and a lot of times it’s about them not you.

Don’t label people as bad but only their karma, their actions. Because the reason why a person is like that, is also because of society. ( The collective karma or consciousness).

I don’t want to sound philosophical here. But I have experienced it too many times that when I forgive someone completely for what they did. First it saves me from living in resentment. Next what happens is the people who were there for a season move away automatically (because now the karma is over) and those who are there for a lifetime, we are able to start fresh in the relationship or friendship. Sometimes people just turn into acquaintance from being your closed one, but at least the friction goes away.

This is the work of forgiveness. And there is one more aspect to forgiveness that is. If someone did something really bad to you. You don’t necessarily have to go and still love them like they didn’t do anything to hurt you, but actually to have a closure. That I forgive you, no harsh feelings, but I’m done with you and we are over.

P.S. you thought my life is easy, it’s not. I had too many people to forgive to be free. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, my story is good. Because whatever happened in my life has shaped me for good. I just want to bring out the fact that your problems can make you miserable or better. Choice is always yours.

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