An empath & people guilt trip you to stay stuck in abuse. Read this!

You are a human and it comes with certain limitations. You can’t be that perfect because life is not perfect, it keeps changing, and so do you.
Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Choose yourself.

Don’t allow people when they to try make a god out of you. You are a human. When they keep abusing you but keep expecting tolerance for the name of forgiveness. You can not keep sacrificing your happiness for their temporary ego satisfaction.

And for the facts, those wounded people are not going to feel true happiness anyway, until they choose to self reflect and heal. So don’t sacrifice yourself for nothing.

Even if you made a few mistakes, may be the only mistake of committing to the wrong person. You are just a human. Sometimes you are going to make mistakes, sometimes you are going to hurt some people. And that’s okay.

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Life is a journey

Life is a journey. Some days you are gonna meet people who share the same path as you. Some days you are gonna meet people who don’t.

Some days you enjoy the present, some other days you plan the future, some days you miss the past.
Some days you will find the life to be very easy, other days to be so tough that you want to give up. It’s always going to be two steps forward, one step backwards.

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Anything that looks unfortunate today, will turn into fortune tomorrow

Did something happen in your life, which was unexpected, which broke you down, which shattered you? A dream that looks farther to achieve, something or someone you loved moved away, suddenly your life took a turn which you never expected?

Remember the times, when you faced other big problems and grew through it. If you could overcome that, you are capable of overcoming this too. It’s tough, but you are tougher than your problems.

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You can not win over someone who has nothing to lose

Spirituality will help you detach from the worldliness so much, that it won’t matter anymore to win or lose. Battles of life would just be like a game, easy as it used to be in childhood.

And when you know, life is just about living, nothing will touch you. Nor the fear of losing or the pride of winning.

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May be someday, you will have to forgive yourself, for not forgiving others.


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Broken crayons can also color & they color better.


This is for every one of us, who is working on healing. One day we will achieve what we dream for.

You do not have to stay broken.

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You do not have to stay BROKEN

And one day you will be whole and feel in complete in yourself.

This one is so close to my heart, nobody actually knows how much I have been through, a series of unlimited problems, that broke me to the core. But I never gave up and finally I am starting to feel whole again with myself. I am falling in love with myself again.

No matter how hard I try, I can not express this into words. I felt as if the whole world was against me and I questioned why nobody tried to help me, and they I broke into tears realising how many forces were with me trying to help me all this long, something brought so many breakthroughs for me. I cannot be grateful enough.

Remember, what you are going through today, will make you tough like a diamond tomorrow and you will shine. Never give up, never leave hope. Time will change, it may take years, but it will.

P.S. Sometimes all you need is a good cry.

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To live lighter, learn to forgive. It frees you more than the other person. People act according to their conditioning and a lot of times it’s about them not you.

Don’t label people as bad but only their karma, their actions. Because the reason why a person is like that, is also because of society. ( The collective karma or consciousness).

I don’t want to sound philosophical here. But I have experienced it too many times that when I forgive someone completely for what they did. First it saves me from living in resentment. Next what happens is the people who were there for a season move away automatically (because now the karma is over) and those who are there for a lifetime, we are able to start fresh in the relationship or friendship. Sometimes people just turn into acquaintance from being your closed one, but at least the friction goes away.

This is the work of forgiveness. And there is one more aspect to forgiveness that is. If someone did something really bad to you. You don’t necessarily have to go and still love them like they didn’t do anything to hurt you, but actually to have a closure. That I forgive you, no harsh feelings, but I’m done with you and we are over.

P.S. you thought my life is easy, it’s not. I had too many people to forgive to be free. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, my story is good. Because whatever happened in my life has shaped me for good. I just want to bring out the fact that your problems can make you miserable or better. Choice is always yours.

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