Love Story

Anyone who has not guessed it yet by reading my posts, my Twinflame is married to the dark Karmic. And the marriage is a fraud, both of them betrayed me, they played each other, both of their friends and family betrayed him, they are both deceiving their community by pretending to be a happily married couple. It’s a lie. The Karmic because the divine masculine has the potential to earn money. The Karmic and her family chose him because he is an empath to cover up for her mental illness, her parents didn’t care if the guy they chose for her was already in love with someone else as far as he can be the source of money. My Twinflame’s family chose the Karmic over me because she is as abusive as them, all they cared about is having control over him and the money that would come with her. The marriage was nothing more than a business deal between two families. The business deal was an arranged marriage but the wounded children love playing house on social media by pretending as if it was a love marriage. And I have been watching this TV show for a long time. All of them have so much craze for social media and public image, that they can even get married for it. They need to have someone for financial stability, safety and security and they can have someone else on the side for love.

Last year people shamed me and called me names thinking that I was the homewrecker. I wasn’t, I didn’t know about their wedding, at all, even to the last minute I didn’t have clarity. Call it Spiritual protection or fate, but everybody knew except me. And I left the moment I got to know about it. I don’t stalk or her involved in gossip like others, people thought I was obsessed with him, but I wasn’t, otherwise I would have stalked him enough to know.

When I started texting my Twinflame, the first month the communication was a mess because I was off-balance, the second month we became best friends, the third month they broke up, we started talking about our feelings, he asked me to move-in with him and I told him to first put a stop to the karmic situation by resolving whatever money ties they have. I asked him to free himself from the Karmic situation, otherwise the Narcissist would try to trap him into marriage etc. She read my messages as usual, which I didn’t know at that time that she reads all my messages. This was the moment when she started planning her sneak attack.

She wanted him to keep their affair a secret, so that I won’t find out until she has solidified the karmic connection. For a long time, I kept thinking they started dating for two months before I texted but it was already 4 months, which I came to know so late, when we were already in union. Once I started texting him, she immediately their affair public, so that she can portray me as the other woman, a chaser. Even when they moved in together a month after I started texting him, it was her plan so that she will be able to control him and keep an eye on our communication as well. Even this idea of moving in, she got it because I warned him to not move-in with her if he doesn’t want to get trapped. One more month and he finally had an awakening and they actually broke up, but there is this toxic financial tie for which he told me to wait until it gets resolved. So she started executing her plan to trap him in marriage. She had access to him and people surrounding him, which I didn’t have, so she misused her power. He told me they are ex’s now and asked for my hand in marriage and the next day he went home with her for their engagement. He was a pathological liar, also an ancestral pattern. Lies by omission, he told me that their families are going to talk about if they should get married or not. I told him to not propose to me until he has cleared out his karmic mess and he should stay in the friendzone and cancel their rights meeting because I am not open to extramarital affairs. He again lied to me that he won’t agree to marry her. All I knew was that he went home and came back without taking a stand at all, giving in to family pressure. After he came back from home, I walked away and then he decided to talk to the Karmic about it so she used the fake suicide threats that she cannot live without him etc. Thats how they started the new year, they were ex’s but trauma bonded now. And I was pushed into the trauma bond with him just like that, because of the mirroring in the Twinflame connection. It wasn’t my choice. He even lied to me that he wants to move out and is looking for a new place to live separately from her.

After that, she also stole money, their wedding was not far now, just two months. The time went by, in him trying to focus on earning money and also 2 weeks for his dark night of the soul. And a lot of drama as usual, everytime I tried to have an important conversation with him, she would gaslight him, spread gossip, spellwork or make us fight, because she didn’t want her secrets to be exposed. This was all a plan, just because she read my messages. For the last two years, I have always kept thinking to myself, how do all my fears about the Twinflame connection keep getting true? Because she plans her next move based on our fears to sabotage the Twinflame connection and she does it from a distance. I told my DM that she won’t get a solid commitment, she won’t get chosen and that’s her karma for backstabbing me as a friend when she started dating him. So she decided to override her karma and get a solid commitment at any cost. When they got married we all those she was finally chosen but she wasn’t. She thought she will play with karma, while the entire time karma has been playing with her, ever since she came into our life.

I was not the other woman, I was made to be. I didn’t know they are engaged. I got to know when they started posting a 10 days countdown before the wedding, the pictures were from their pre wedding photoshoot. It was her sneak attack, that was supposed to hurt me in my heart, like a slow poison each day. I wasn’t even in those 10 days if they are getting engaged or married. I surrendered because I didn’t know what else I could do next. In those 10 days, I took time to express everything to him before leaving, asked him to take care of himself in my absence and also bid a goodbye in advance. I told him if he doesn’t succeed in taking a stand in those 10 days to atleast postpone the wedding, I will have to leave, I would even stop texting. He said he would take a stand but he didn’t.

He was already having an awakening before the wedding countdown started and realising that he doesn’t want to live a lie. He knew I believed in him so he was started feeling guilty for betraying my trust, because he knew the truth is about to come out. He had started becoming emotionally mature because he had another dark night of the soul that month which healed one of his core wounds and unblocked the chakras. When I started texting him, at that time he didn’t even know the meaning of love, he thought pretence is love. To show up with somebody, to like their pictures, to give them compliments on social media and in public. That’s the first thing he asked me when I started texting him, to stop entertaining third parties when he is in love with me. He couldn’t understand his own emotions for me from the beginning, so he asked me the meaning of love, and as he started learning what love is, he kept telling me that if this is what is called love, then I love you. He told me that he has never been in love in his entire life, he might have thought so at that time, but it wasn’t love, I was his first love.

This reputed family that lives in limelight, forgot to tell their son to just inform me that he is getting married because he had already given me words that he will marry me. These people keep making him feel obligated to stay with the distorted feminine and bear his responsibilities but they didn’t think about his responsibility to just to inform me once. They don’t respect women at all, the feminine energy in any form. She convinced them by gossiping about me that because I am a spiritual person, my ancestry would also have been spiritual and against religion. According to these people, all spiritual people indulge in magick, especially women. So I should be too, a witch, a dark witch not even a white witch.

How can someone be so estranged to love? Because it’s an ancestral pattern that he is healing. People don’t believe in love and they don’t know the meaning of love in that ancestry. One more reason why these Karmics kept accusing me of things, is because they don’t understand it’s just unconditional love that I have for him. They know it’s a soul connection and it’s love, because vibration says it all. But they get jealous because they never experienced love and try to find ways to prove that it’s not love. They don’t want to welcome love even if it’s for their higher good. So when he started understanding his emotions, he realised what mistake he made by going into the Karmic connection. But everyone plotted well, infact people have been trying to drive him away from me, ever since I came into his life. They also planned a spiritual attack with spellwork until the wedding. He couldn’t follow his intuition because of his unhealed feminine energy. He gave into fear because no one supported his choice. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, projecting his fear of abandonment outwards. In the end, he chose to hurt me, just one person instead of letting down expectations of so many people. Martyr syndrome, another ancestral pattern, he was sacrificing his happiness and our love to make other people happy. So he blocked his heart towards me and focused on being the provider that he is. Responsibility comes first, it’s their ancestral pattern, he also didn’t want to put his heart on the line for me. He was also confused because he wasn’t able to let go of the Karmic because of the trauma bond. No one gave him time to gain clarity nor did he postpone the wedding. When I was surrendering, he was taking out his frustration on me for walking away, by posting captions that were meant for me, in those countdown pictures. He didn’t want to surrender so he wanted to stop me from surrendering. Because the codependency was his comfort zone where I was the over giver.

All the karmics didn’t want him to talk to me. She even asked him to keep it a secret because I will petty on her that these ex’s are back together because she can’t even live without him. And him being naive, he kept their secrets from me. He had throat chakra blockage so it was easy to lie than to tell me the whole truth. He was trying to protect his family’s image both the times when he got engaged to her and when he didn’t cancel their wedding. These people who post even if they have maggie or a cake together, they didn’t post anything about the upcoming for more than two months. Recently she has been showing off her necklaces and gifts to me, she didn’t post anything about the engagement rings, the wedding shopping etc. Because it was a well-thought-out plan, a plot to keep him trapped.

I got to know that they are married after the wedding ceremonies were complete, because if I got to know before finishing the ceremony, that could also cause a problem for the Karmics, why take risks. He posted a wedding picture at midnight which I saw the next day of their wedding day and finally, I said goodbye. The wedding was a big tower moment in the Twinflame connection. I had already told him that I will not engage in any extramarital affairs but he took me for granted because he has always seen people having extramarital affairs. He understood my point of view, he mirrored me and surrendered and decided to let me go, because true unconditional love liberates. He finally understood the complete meaning of love for the first time in his life. After running from his abandonment wound, he realised what he did and learnt the meaning of surrender. Surrender is Love. It was the surrender that led to the union. A tower moment was much needed at that time to break the codependency, so the universe had to step in and create separation one more time. It broke the trauma bond between us and also with the karmic because of the domino effect. When I walked away, I used my masculine energy, it healed his masculine energy, otherwise he used to be passive and afraid of change, stuck in his comfort zone. He betrayed me, hurting his Twinflame also hurt him and that opened his heart chakra, it healed his feminine energy. It led to an awakening and their marriage had already started breaking down in 3 days, as more secrets of the Karmic were exposed. Because I told him some truths about her that I Spirit guides told me from the beginning of the thrid party situation but I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want to see him hurt because I love him. Later we found out, this truth was meant to break the karmic connection, as prophecied. He was awakened now and praying for help, so the universe gave him a gift, in form of another financial betrayal to help him get out of the Karmic connection. After the financial betrayal by the Karmic, even after she told him that she will stop messing with finances and some more family drama, within 13 days of their wedding, he told me that he wants to file for a divorce. Because he was tired of trying to make it work with the karmic and he realised that she is not going to change, not going to heal and she will abuse him all life long. He finally realised his worth, that he deserves it all, stability, love, happy life, equal give and take, otherwise he used to think that he will never find someone with whom he can have it all, that type of love existed only in movies for him. Since that day he gave me the commitment and they ended up being flatmates and business partners. But it was going to take time in splitting the business and in the legal process because of the lockdown, so we both had to wait and be in a long-distance relationship. I have been waiting for their divorce since then, it has been more than a year now.

They were ex’s on their wedding day as well, heights of dysfunction and those 10 days when they were pretending on social media as if their dreams are coming true, the toxicity was actually at the peak. But the likes on social media, getting validation from the Karmics, being admired by everyone around was enough to escape the pain and live in a fantasy world for these two people pleasers. His wedding day was the most peaceful day in my life in months. I was optimistic that he would take a stand for our love, I believed in him. But then I knew that anything can happen in such a tragic situation. So when I surrendered, I surrendered the worry. I used to worry so much since I started texting him if I will be able to save him in time from the spiritual Narcissist or not. I spend an entire day loving myself and that’s how I knew the next day what I need to do. When I got to know about the wedding, I knew I need to choose self-love, I need to choose myself. II was still a little worried so spirit guides gave me assurance that they take care of the spiritual guidance for him, he had learnt to communicate with spirit guides now without my help in the last few months. So I took a leap of faith on myself and chose myself.

The marriage had to happen for the ancestral patterns to come to the surface. But that home was built on deception, by destroying my dreams of a happy home. The marriage had to happen, and so was the divorce. The Karma is – whatever the DM tried to create by running away from his Twinflame and hence life purpose, won’t work and whatever the karmic did to replace me and steal my soulmate, will actually end up being a catalyst for my Twinflame union. She will help him clear all his ancestral patterns. The marriage happened only so that the union can happen. The marriage failed immediately because its purpose was fulfilled, ancestral patterns had come to the surface ready to be broken down. After everything they tried to break the Twinflame connection, they couldn’t. This Twinflame connection is unbreakable, it’s written in stars.

In the last timeline when his marriage led to our Twinflame union, he said, bless the broken road. In this timeline, he said he wants to clear all his ancestral karma and learnt all his Karmic lessons through his Karmic connection so that when he comes into union with me, we will not have to face any relationship issues. And I said, I am ready to take the hurt a thousand times, if it can lead to his ascension.

Both of them keep playing break up and patch up even when they are married. They don’t even realise that it’s not normal. Because this is what they saw growing up. In the last timeline, his ancestral pattern that came to the surface was extra marital affair, in this timeline the ancestral pattern is infidelity, cheating and non – monogamous relationships. Basically, sneaky polyamory is their ancestral pattern where all parties are not on the same page and don’t even know the truth that they are in a polyamorous situation. The karmic marriage had to happen because a divorce needs to happen to break all the ancestral curses. In their ancestries, people never get divorced, just keep deceiving each other, stay together “till death do us part” and transfer the toxic patterns to the next generation. Because they care about the image and money more than anything.

This time also, the dark Karmic gave me bad advice as always. She told him to choose her over me, because she is codependent and immature, that I will be more mature than him and it will take time for him to become more mature to reach my level. Right!! so why did she marry someone more mature than her if he can’t marry someone more mature than himself? Any amount of emotional stability she has is because of him and his emotional stability is because of me, I keep him sane through all the ups and downs. While she is always busy gossiping about how trauma bonded we are to each other, how mentally unstable and wounded we are. There was one more opinion at the same time, that I am childish just because I let my inner child flow.

Basically he chose someone who was as codependent as him, because he knew she would never leave him because of her own abandonment wound. He chose a codependent relationship instead of a soul connection, so that he won’t have to do his inner work and heal the abandonment wound, that’s how he ran.

She rushed him into a marriage, I couldn’t figure out if it was their engagement or wedding because how can someone get married so fast, it doesn’t make sense to me, because my common sense works the other way. He didn’t mind being rushed because clingy and codependent, distorted feminine energy is his comfort zone. Because of his abandonment wound, he needs to feel needed. She didn’t ask him to tell me that they are getting married, backstabbed me while I was being kind to her when I gave him time to give her a closure about their break up, thinking that she is suffering for no reason because she came between an unbreakable soul connection unknowingly. She had to rush him, to one-up me. She wanted to get married as fast as they can, before he completes his awakening process because he started changing already, and his transformation was visible to everyone. I had such a small amount of time, just 10 days to try and understand everything that happened and then to help him understand their plot.

He wants to people please for validation, so he seeks everyone’s opinions and goes with whatever the majority wants him to do. Without realising that those people are manipulating him because they don’t want to see him happy. He also has childhood trust issues because of which he doesn’t trust me but everyone else, he can’t take the advice from me, if he needs advice about me. He can’t see that I invest 24 hours every day only to give him the right guidance at right time. Nor is he able to follow his intuition because of his unhealed feminine energy, an ancestral pattern again.

The photoshoot and countdown, all her captions were to provoke me and my Twinflame’s captions, he was initially taking out his frustration on me for surrendering because he wanted me to stay stuck with him in codependency and later nothing but a pretence. In the pre-wedding video also, she stole the song he dedicated to me. Their wedding vows were like – “you fill my void”. True, by taking on the abuse, literally together in sickness and health. She even got couple T-shirts, just because me and my Twinflame are opposites attract, so she picked the same theme for their pre wedding photoshoot. And he wore the T-shirt that had ‘insane’ written on it and she wore the one with ‘sane’, like she is the mentally stable one, didn’t leave a chance to demean him here. And then, half of the photoshoot was nothing but an attempt to imitate me, this is where she copied the painting that I was talking about. Captions be like, let’s go to our “dreamland” together. In her alternative reality, she is perfect, her life is a fairytale and she doesn’t need any help regarding mental health. She thought she reserved him for a lifetime, but you can’t fight destiny, can you. Hashtags be like #TwoStates, while I was rejected for the reason of being from a different culture, at least I was from the same state. Oh and her family bullies him for being from a different culture. He really got manipulated by his family when they said cultural difference is an issue, he has been taught to see things only one way. I regret wasting that time of 10 days, in trying to explain him that our culture is really not that different, just because I didn’t know it’s only about money and show, and nothing else because he hid his real self from me while he was trying to be the man, the provider.

This family that is trying too hard to maintain their image these days, never thought about the other half of the society which knows my truth. Because if the truth isn’t known to everyone, then they are not wrong. They think of themselves to be such high society, so cultured, so traditional, and so religious, that they thought my ancestry is not their match. They never thought about what I think about them, or what my friends and family think about them. By the way, the karmic is from a lower caste than mine. In fact he is half baniya, the same caste as mine. Just stating the facts for these people, I don’t discriminate. The religious woman that they chose, turned out to be a dark witch by the way, whom they still support, they don’t mind witches at all. And he knew that she is not just a golddigger but also a witch who does spellwork on him since the same week they got engaged, but he didn’t tell anyone because anyone around him wasn’t going to understand anyway.

Another reason he told me was that he and his family chose her because she pretended to be rich and her family initially invested money in his family business and was going to invest money in in furnishing their rented home i.e. dowry, the money that she got by stealing from his account itself. She invested a little in the beginning, but she always wants more and more in return. About me, as I said he never asked me about my finances. He used to act like he wants to be the man, a provider, so I thought he would never be interested in a woman’s money. I actually never liked it that he used to talk so much about being my provider, I wanted to contribute financially if we get into a relationship. People used to give him bad advice that I might be a golddigger which was again the Karmic’s plan, he knew I wasn’t. But he didn’t even realise that I don’t see him as being financially stable because the Karmic used to mess with his finances so much, if I would see him having a lot of money only then it would come to using him for money. He keeps showing off on social media and so he thought I have bought the deception like other people. People around him thought he is financially stable and so they judged me that my love is not true love, I want to use him. When I told him about how much I used to earn in my job and how much I can still earn, that humbled him. His family never talked to my family about the dowry they just rejected me right away, they haven’t even ever talked to me or met me in person. Vibration says it all, they all stay in karmic relationships full of toxicity, so out of jealousy they don’t want him to ascend and experience a loving soul connection. Anyways, I’m not in favour of dowry anymore, if anyone marries me, it will be for me not for money because I’m not a burden on my parents.

He also told me all about his past trauma to help me understand why he ran. It was ab him and his trauma, not me. Spirit guides also told us that it was karma, it was the ancestral karma tha the has taken, his journey is not limited to just Twinflame connection. Once I reached forgiveness for him and he reached forgiveness for himself, we came into spiritual union completely. Finally gotten over all the conflict and we were in peaceful harmonious relationship that we both always dreamt off. We didn’t need words to talk anymore, we could feel each other’s emotion without saying anything. Then came this timeline shift. He started slowly cycling back into some of his old behaviours 3 weeks before the timeline shift. First week he started acting from his ego and we have some conflict, second week he was a mess and so depressed, third week he started healing again. There was nothing left for both of us to work on in terms of healing, that could block the union from grounding, but still those 3 weeks. Only if he had filed for his divorce when the time was right. But fate, the timeline shift was waiting for us and we still had to continue being in a third party situation for deeper layers of ancestral healing.😐 Stupid soul contract.

After his awakening, he finally accepted his role as a divine masculine, he was loyal. I had never been with a divine masculine, those were the best months of my life. We had to work so much on the relationship to mend it again. I had so many doubts. I had a long list of questions about why he betrayed me, but I recently realised that he knew my value even before his wedding and didn’t believe in those bad opinions about me. But he kept answering all my questions for months because he thought that was the only way to heal me and convince me, as he had no experience in healthy relationships. Now I realise, we just wasted time, he should have told me that all those questions and answers were useless, because what I was thinking was never the reason. I fell in love with him, even more, when I realised how much effort he was trying to put into healing our relationship for me.

Only because he cycled back before the timeline shift, I could not figure out that he has changed. He continued the same low vibrational behaviours after the timeline shift as he had to, because he came unhealed. I had to go through our conversations so many times to find out exactly when the timeline shift occurred. The only clue was he asked me why did I never text him and reached out. Because he forgot that I have been texting him for months.

In this timeline, he doesn’t remember me being in his life and thinks he has always been with the Karmic for long term and that the marriage was not a trap, so struggles to move on from the Karmic. So first he betrayed me and married someone else, then he couldn’t let go for a long time, of the hopes and dreams that he had with her and that’s so irritating. In the last timeline, all his dreams and hopes were connected to only me.

Right after the timeline shift, he started thinking of us as if we are in the friend zone, while I was thinking that we are committed because we were commited until the last timeline shift. But we were not on the same page about our relationship status. It was “complicated” for real because he lost his memory, didn’t remember me and our relationship. This is the thing that I hate the most about the timeline shift. Without doing anything wrong, I was questioned by everyone, suddenly I became the third party. Just like me, my Twinflame was also in trance state at that time, I kept replying to him about a lot of things that we had gone through in the past few months, but he didn’t even have a clue that I existed in his life and we were in a relationship. Both of us didn’t have clarity at all, the only thing we were sure about was that we love each other.

By the time we got clarity about the timeline shift, we were already in a commitment and now I had a choice to make. I promised him to be with him no matter what, in the last timeline and in this timeline too I already gave him a commitment. He also had to make a choice, he asked me to stay, so I decided to keep my commitments to his old self and the new self. I started telling him everything that happened in the last timeline. I wasn’t finished yet, I had so much more to tell him. In a month, the karmic cycles started shifting and I got to see how different he is from the last timeline, but I continued putting effort into the relationship. But slowly I started getting tired of the repeating cycles and seeing him being so different from how I knew him. He didn’t have time to have any deep conversations, always running with speed of light and we had to watch the same repetitive tarot readings everyday, that too it was so many readings that we couldn’t finish watching it in one day. By the time karmic started the spiritual warfare, I started telling myself that I am staying in the relationship only for the life purpose. The spiritual warfare was coming to a close, and I wanted to walk away from my Twinflame because I was tired of him running. I had already learnt my Karmic lesson by healing codependency. That’s why now my Twinflame’s higher self was able to connect with me and then I hit the dark night of soul.

After a few days, he started addressing his feelings for me. By the way I wasn’t wrecking any homes, the relationship status between the Karmic and my Twinflame was single that month, immediately after the timeline shift. Then started the karma, the dark Karmic wanted to come between us and block the union again, because she was jealous of the love connection. He told me he wants to give me commitment, wants to marry me and wants to go for a divorce with the Karmic, but he had commitment issues which I found out later. We were healing and awakening, but soon people started plotting when he was mid awakening. He gave into his fears and ran, put me in a third party situation again. All the cycles that happened in last timeline repeated itself. He took me for granted, so I walked away again. He started healing his trauma and we started coming into alignment and reconciled. This time also, the betrayal was a tower moment orchestrated by the universe, so that we both can come out of the trance state.

After experiencing the divine masculine energy, how can I settle for a distorted masculine, but I have to adjust with it. This is also one of the reasons why I always miss how he was in the old timeline but struggle to love him wholeheartedly in the present.

Timeline was only meant for 3 people, me, my Twinflame and the Karmic. Rest of the people had to forget our connection, just to mirror my Twinflame. All 3 of us got clarity about the timeline shift, together, because of the domino effect.

People think I want to use him and all that, because “the other woman” is always supposed to be the problem. I have gained nothing by staying in the third party situation, it’s a 24-hour job for me to provide guidance and spiritual protection, sometimes even in the moments when I don’t even want to talk to him. All I am doing is losing years because of this Karmic, but it sounds better to everyone’s ears when she complains about her lost years because she is not “the other woman” on paper. She was so focused on wasting my time, delaying my Twinflame union and destiny that she wasted her own time, ain’t my fault. I have gained nothing but a damaged reputation without doing anything wrong.

This karmic community and ancestry did an injustice to a woman, didn’t respect the feminine energy and it has been happening for centuries in these family lines, in some way or another. This time they abused a divine feminine and this spiritual fire is gonna burn everyone involved. It is time for the destruction of the old to build something new, that will provide fresh ground for upcoming generations. This is the fight between light and dark. The distorted masculine will his distorted feminine energy and become a divine masculine. Then he will teach the meaning of respecting feminine energy to everyone who didn’t respect it. He already pushed the divine feminine into her power, now it’s divine masculine’s karma to restore the respect of his divine feminine. The divine feminines command respect.

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