Why do awakened souls face so much adversity?

As a lightworker, I am always questioned for my beliefs. And everyone who questions, finds their answers on their own, in the long run. I have sort of started loving the adversities now.

People don’t question me, they question their own faith. Faith is what Lightworkers are made of and came here to show other people that they can also have faith.

Faith that God exists, a higher power exists, karma is real, enlightenment is possible, true unconditional love is real, being karma free is possible, re-incarnations are possible, even to be reborn and create a new life for yourself is possible, to co-create with the universe is possible.

I’m now understanding that my life purpose is not to awaken people with my knowledge. But it is to lead by example and show them that all these good things exist.

People question if it is really possible that some enlightened souls come here only to anchor love and light and awaken others. they even question if twin flames are for real, like how is it possible to really have “two bodies and one soul”. This is all that they question.

This is why they go around creating troubles for Lightworkers, it’s not about their battle with me, but their own inner battle about faith, love and light. And all of us starseeds, we are here to show them answers by being a living example, of what they don’t want to believe in. To make them believe one day.

The more they try to question the value of my soul or if I’m crazy to believe in all of that, the more they are trying to learn and seek the truth. So I think I can let them question me and welcome all the adversities for the higher good. God already gives us the strength, for the problems he sends our way. The more obstacles I face, the more I learn & grow.

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