Women Empowerment.

We’re not in an era where men abuse women, it’s an era where women abuse women.

Women who pity themselves for being illtreated by society, still treat other women with disrespect, abuse, backstabbing, gossip, slander, bullying, verbal abuse, scapegoating, identity theft and a lot more.

Women who think only they were suppressed and no one else, have a victim mentality. Women who think they deserve to abuse other women, because they had a better life, because others were never abused . And women who try to rub other’s past wounds to feel better about themselves.

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You are your own rescue

Only you are your rescue, no one else is.
-Lisa Nicols

I looked up to all my friends for solution to my problems and never found the solution. It was always with me, I just didn’t look at it.
Never look up to people to help you or save you. The one who can save yourself is only you, people can just give you a hand or support.

It’s only you who can do the inner work, only you can fix your life, only you who can solve all your problems.

You can do it.

Take the tough paths, make the brave choices or sometimes maybe the easy choices. Do what your heart says.

About me, I found a blessing in disguise. Now I know which friends are for lifetime.

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