When people tell you who they are, believe them the first time

This is the favourite lesson learnt by Oprah from Maya Angelou.

People know themselves better than you do, if they tell you that they are not good or kind or truthful or any such characteristics. Don’t be like “oh, no no, you are not mean, I know you”. Because the moment you tell them this, very next moment you will be presented by the truth, like bamm.

So believe people when they tell you something about themselves or when they show who they are for the first time. Don’t sit around waiting for one more time, because they will repeat it.

People show it by their actions about they want. They want you to carry all the weight, you to keep giving them Empathy and you are sitting around contemplating if the person is only acting like that or they are like that, will they change, have they changed. Does it matter? You know what you are getting from them, that’s enough for an answer.

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