Spirit message on healing ancestoral Trauma

What if someone told you that your rigid religious beliefs, lack of money mentality, poverty consciousness, protecting the status Quo, history of abuse, is all part of your Ancestral Trauma. Which is waiting to be healed for ages, but you try to live that as a truth instead of healing it. You spent your whole life protecting the image that you had made up of yourself. When all you needed to do was to choose Spirituality, freedom, truth, authenticity, fearlessness, beliefs that set you free, taking your power back and saying-” these beliefs are crap themselves, it’s time we all gave up on them, from this generation froward.” It’s time for everyone to heal their ancestral trauma.

You ancestors who made some mistakes, because of which their kids and then all future generations, had to suffer with this trauma. It became an ancestral trauma. But all those ancestors now wait in spirit form for a lightworker/truthteller to be born into their family line, who can heal this trauma, with one single truth, the Universal truth, which can finally set everyone free & heal them. Ancestors wait for a lightworker to take action, the step towards the breakthrough, to unlock the doors of healing, so that everyone involved can start getting the healing energy.

And to choose fearlessness, only Lightworkers or a strong pure soul can do it. So Lightworkers are born in families which have ancestral trauma to heal it. This is a life purpose that a lightworker chooses which comes in function from their birth itself. This isn’t something that they are going to do in future, it started with them. Even their spirit guides incarnate before them in the same family line to guide them later. It’s a divine plan.

Lightworkers are karma free souls who are here to resolve everyone else’s karma. Lightworkers are here to break the generational patterns, systems that were set to keep people away from Spirituality. Systems of power, abuse, media, corruption, religion, racism, status quo, politics, wars. Everything has to be crumbled down and reset, this time created including Spirituality. This is the Awakening that Lightworkers are bringing.

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