Spirit message on healing ancestoral Trauma

What if someone told you that your rigid religious beliefs, lack of money mentality, poverty consciousness, protecting the status Quo, history of abuse, is all part of your Ancestral Trauma. Which is waiting to be healed for ages, but you try to live that as a truth instead of healing it. You spent your whole life protecting the image that you had made up of yourself. When all you needed to do was to choose Spirituality, freedom, truth, authenticity, fearlessness, beliefs that set you free, taking your power back and saying-” these beliefs are crap themselves, it’s time we all gave up on them, from this generation froward.” It’s time for everyone to heal their ancestral trauma.

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Cyber stalking and my blogging journey

This photo is from 2016 when I tried to do full makeup for the first time. I went with whatever I had, compact powder, lipstick, BB cream, eyeliner and lipstick as a blush. I did have a small eyeshadow palette from some local brand, used a sheen shade for highlighting. No foundation, no concealer.

My sister helped me with the pictures, she is the best it comes to my photoshoot. When I was going through my drive searching for old photos I realised one thing, fake friends never click good pictures of you, they want to look better than you.  (You just got one more fake friend tip, always beware of the Queen-Bees . They want to be the queen of the group, they will often brag that they are so nice, but in reality those girls are always mean to everyone if you look deeply. )

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Do not test my POWER

I may look cute but I am not weak. I am a multifaceted and multidimensional being, I can shift my energy into being powerful and fearless at any time. Do not test my fury.

I am an old soul and each life I lived different, as a star in the cosmos a spiritual leader and a warrior, as a man, as a woman, as a healer, as a fighter, as a warrior, as an artist, as a leader, as an innocent person, as an oppressed community, I have been admired, abused, tortured, I have been killed in wars, I have died alone, I have lived in peace and I have lived in chaos too. I have been trained well for lifetimes and do not doubt if there’s a still a type that I can not turn into.

I am a combination of light and dark, where light has conquered the darkness, but if the light would want to use the darkness for good, it will.

I chose to incarnate many times to train myself and went through all that pain to become perfect for my job of a Lightworker in this life. I am going to use what I learnt. So do not doubt what I can bring to the table.

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