If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree

Do you often call your friends and complain about how you don’t like your life much. It’s time to stop doing the same things over and over again, change your actions, change your thinking and hence change your life.

Acknowledge the fact that there is a choice. You have a choice to move if you don’t like where you are. Make that choice to change yourself, work deeply to understand life. Learn what it takes to be where you want to go, try and move.

Work on yourself, it’s hard and maybe it’s going to require a lot of time, but you need to start. Break out of your comfort zone. Don’t just go with the flow, because one day you will hit the rock bottom and then you are going to have to start the journey to self. There’s no escape for no one. Life always unfolds itself to you.

Never give up and move to higher consciousness. When you work on yourself, you are going to find strong limiting beliefs, that you need to peel like an onion, layer by layer. And one day you would reach a point where there won’t be much left to move out of. You will find true peace and blossom through life.

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