My Kundalini Awakening | Part 4

So some of you asked me if I am working on chakras etc. My kundalini awakening came on its own. I try to be in a high vibrational state, but I don’t do any type of yoga or meditations every day. I do meditation only a few times in a month. That’s also for energy cleansing, forgiveness, cord-cutting, automatic writing or past life regression, IF required.

How did it trigger on its own then? You just need to have faith and focus on self-love and do good karma. You need to have faith that whatever changes are happening in your life & body, will only help you grow. All I ever did was to have faith, unlimited faith in the divine forces. When you drop all the resistance, you are one with the universe. & This is oneness.

People want to be awakened so they try to become eligible for awakening. They try to compare themselves if they are more Spiritually grown than others. But what they forget is – it has to be only about faith, love and light. You do not become deserving by showing that you are deserving, but by never even on focus on it and just by being your true self for no particular reason.

I never tried, my whole focus was on being my true self, that was fearless & limitless. So I kept breaking the limits. My spiritual awakening was also triggered just like that on its own. I just knew that I am extremely happy and there’s is a change in me. I learnt about awakening makes you feel and I was sure that what I have been feeling for the last few days is an awakening.

People try so hard to be the dearest to God, to be eligible for gifts. But they never try to be the best of what they can be. They go for psychedelics, kundalini yoga, kriyas, different types of practices, workshops, courses, but they never notice that it’s happening from a place of ego. They don’t seek the truth but just the bliss.

Are you seeking to be love and light or are you seeking to be the best?

P.S. Sometimes people try to downplay my achievements by saying she just gets everything easily. Everyone around me tried to break me down so many times, but I didn’t give up. Isn’t that enough hard work?

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