What is Kundalini | Part 3

This is best image I could find to explain what Kundalini is. I have been listening to different ways from different people, but let’s take the most common things that I resonate with.

Kundalini is divine life force in every human. When you are born some part of life force is used but most portion of it is hidden. The dormant energy is stored in root chakra, it remains stuck.

When a person goes through ascension, Kundalini energy is the one to guide him through it. Which means my kundalini has been activated all this time throughout my spiritual awakening journey. It’s like an engine, which is why I have been able to shift into my power centres easily. You guys might have read me talking about moving to power centre, heart centre, creative centre etc. That’s kundalini shifting gears to different centres.

Kundalini is symbolised as a serpent. During ascension, it starts kind of running through whole your body, from root to crown chakra, updwards. It unlocks all the blocks in each chakra, one by one, it takes time. From third eye chakra to crown chakra is like a quantum leap. When crown chakra is unlocked you just know. Once the crown chakra is popped open, then energy bursts & finally start flowing downwards too. Now it just goes and clears energy blocks in your whole body to help you ascend even more. There are even more chakras and energy centres (‘Nadi’ and ‘Granthi’), the 7 chakras are more important, as they signify different planes, so everyone mentions only about 7. It’s easier to understand.

Right now what’s happening to me is not as drastic as other people show. It’s just energy free-flowing, because I always choose to surrender to it, I have enough faith to trust the divine. But I can feel it sometimes in different chakras, like heat, like pulsations near the heart. It cools down on its own to give me some relaxation time.

Kundalini becoming unstuck, rising upwards and working through your whole body, is what is referred as kundalini Awakening/Rising. Chakra activation and removing energy blocks are the main things about it.

Crown chakra activation makes you open to higher dimensions, hence I accessed Akashik records too.

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