I work really hard

It does take a lot of hard work, being an entrepreneur is never easy. There’s no such thing as free time for me. I am always working. Deep thinking to decide what I want to post next, planning, posting, maintaining multiple social media platforms, doing SEO, client work, managing so many people as a leader, while dealing with haters most of the time as you know. I won’t say networking because I do not network for any motives, I just like helping people and that also takes me time. Always working on my healing so that I can learn more and teach more, meditation, connecting with spirit guides. I am an empath so I also need to put daily efforts to take care of my energy, otherwise negative people can easily influence it. Everyday I have to give guidance to my Twinflame, continuous SRTs, and dealing with the Karmic as well. It’s a lot to handle.

It took years of hardwork in background to master all of it.

P.S. I wrote this post on 9th August, but never found the right time to post, because of dramatic people. So here it is. Karmic can stop trying to take my identity now. It’s me who does all the hard work, not her.

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Channelled Message from Spirit

New channelled message from spirit for healers & lightworkers.

I did not know if this message resonated with my current situation but it surely is a great lesson for any healer.
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We will cross paths with a lot of people whole our life. Keep moving forward. The good karma will come back, but it’s not always necessary for it to come back from same people that we helped. Detach and don’t drain your energy at wrong places. You are loved by your angels & guides and they like to see you happy. Always make time for self care and rejuvenate your self.

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Self love

This is the only difference in a Twin Flame and a karmic. One is all about self-love and the other ends with self-love.

Whether you are in separation or in union, the day your twin flame enters your life, the only thing you do going forward, is teaching each other self-love.

Whether it becomes a romantic relationship or a platonic going forward, they always want the best for you and always show you how to love yourself first.

Ending it with this message. Focus on self love and your twin flame or soulmates, soul family will manifest into reality. Do not focus all your time to find your twin. If you are destined to meet them in this life, you will. Also, not everybody has a twin flame.

This is big misconception that everybody has a twin flame, I feel it started from people who want to earn money by promising you that they can help find your twin flame. No offense to anyone, but not everyone has a twin flame.

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Who are spirit guides?

First things first. They are not ghosts.
They are people, old souls, who have chosen to take a break from incarnating in a body. They live in a dimension where they are supposed to live.

In soul form they are very authentic, so sometimes in their messages, they can sound very sassy. They don’t like to spoon-feed you, they wait for you to learn lessons on your own, give you slight hints whenever they feel required. They guide you when you are going through big transformational changes in life, and there is probably no-one who can help you understand what’s going on with you. That’s when they want to jump in and help.

Starseeds have a difficult time here, trying to understand humans, trying to accommodate a higher dimension soul into a rigid human body is difficult, so that’s why they guide the way.

When starseeds are given the job to come here, some spirit guides also join as a team. Starseeds are souls who come from a higher dimension(5D) to help humanity on this planet (3D). They are original Lightworkers.

Everyone has spirit guides, they can be your ancestors, deceased loved ones/pets, soulmates, twin-flame, archangels, angels, goddess energies, earth elementals, fairies or even spirit animals. The thing is how open you are to connect with them. When you raise your consciousness, have faith in faith, surrender to surrender. That’s when you are able to connect with them.

Some spirit guides are with you for whole life, some temporary.

Around my spiritual awakening, I started getting interest in Tarot readings, they wanted to help me and guide me through the heavy and fast changes I was going through. It just started showing up on my YouTube timeline and every reading helped me understand what’s going on with me. I thought it’s the tarot reader who is helping, but actually, my spirit guides tried to send me messages through tarot.

In the last 2 months, I have been able to meditate a lot & healed myself. I have developed a bond with them finally the communication is becoming clearer. I have learnt to understand how psychic abilities work for me.

It’s a vast topic, but I tried to explain it in brief. I offer tarot readings, where my spirit guides help me. I use my psychic abilities to give you advice on what to do about your current situation. You can buy tarot readings from me in my Etsy shop or you can DM me on Instagram. I will link it here down below.

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