I work for God, so God pays me.

Lightworkers are always provided for, by the most high, so that they can put all the focus on their life purpose.

I wanted to write about this for the last 3 days but I was trying to absorb the change first, because it was a fast change for me as well. As you all know, I have increased the prices of my Tarot reading services because my spirit guides told me to. It’s not like I didn’t know that some good changes are about to come, because of course I myself did the ancestral healing, I broke the patterns, I closed the cycles, I knew but I didn’t know it will come in this form. Spirit guides like to keep the mystery when it comes to blessings.

So when I was told to change the prices, I did, I did some market research and set the prices accordingly. I took a leap of faith first and then I got time to absorb the changes. Now that I have to do the blog and also focus on my Tarot services at the same time, I have two businesses to handle, it increases my responsibilities so I was doing some brainstorming about it.

It has also increased my confidence, I feel more stable, independent, financially free and free now. I had money, I had savings, I wasn’t broke, I was financially independent but this is so much more freedom. And yesterday it hit me that now I just have to work on my tarot business a few days a month to get my financial needs, and if I will work more, I will get to save more, and it’s something I love doing. Now I don’t have to worry about how I will keep the blog going and keep sharing all the knowledge for free. See, the universe is helping me because this is important for my life purpose, it’s going to help humanity in return. This is not just my prayers being answered, it’s a lot of people’s prayers are being answered. The people I help now, the people I will help in future, not everyone has money to have access to help.

Universe also wants me to expand my knowledge and gifts, and explore my different gifts, like I have mastered writing, now I can explore Tarot in more depth. With my tarot readings I will be able to heal and guide more people, which will make me feel so content. It’s an expansion of my life purpose as well. I am a healer and I can heal people through different avenues. I am not meant to stay limited to just one thing. Don’t forget I am an INFJ and highly intelligent people need challenges, I get bored if I am not learning, exploring or trying something new. This is also an expansion for my soul.

I feel more free now, because before the timeline shift there was a lot of movement in my life, but after the timeline shift I always felt stagnant, as if I was confined in a box. I try to move one thing out of my way and then there’s the next obstacle waiting for me. Finally, my hard work is paying off, the cycles are closing out. I have cleared a lot of Karma now. I have closed out karmic cycles with so many people from my past. Last month, all of them were thinking that there’s no new gossip that they can start to affect me, I have shared my side of the story so well. It took a year to write everything about myself, so that those people will stop feeling like they have any power over me and that they can block my destiny, though they never had any power over my destiny.

This level up is also going to shut down everyone who did not believe in me, everyone who didn’t want me to believe in myself, everyone who told me I am airy-fairy, called my imagination, creativity and visualisation as just daydreaming, everyone who told me I was making a mistake by leaving the 9 to 5 to become a full-time blogger. Because now I am a full-time blogger, an entrepreneur, self-employed, financially stable, earning with my skills and talents, and all my dreams have manifested into reality and of course I did it all by believing in myself. I took a leap of faith 3 years back and believed in myself every single day, no matter how hard life became for me, how difficult it seemed to achieve my dreams one day. I kept my faith in God every day, when there was nothing else to hold on to except faith. This is the end of all the sacrifices I have made in the last 3 years after leaving my high-paying job and also the sacrifices I made in years before that when I was saving money for my life purpose. I did it, I am worthy of being a leader. I never needed validation from the outside, but this is validation from the most high and this is the universe reciprocating to all the inner work, healing, hard work and mission work I have done, all the faith I have kept for years.

This is to show the karmic who tried to steal my divine masculine to steal my destiny, thinking that without him I can’t do my life purpose, she also thought he will make her rich, he will make her a divine feminine and I will end up broke without him. Because none of that happened. I am successful on my own, I am working on my life purpose on my own, I am whole on my own and I don’t need a divine masculine to achieve anything. She can throw as much black magick as she wants, but no one can block my destiny.

This is also helping me show my own family that it is possible to make money in a creative career, in a spiritual career. I am breaking my own family’s ancestral patterns as well. I am clearing the abundance blocks for my ancestral line.

This is helping me show other Lightworkers, that they are going to be taken care of by the universe, they just have to take the leap of faith.

This level-up is so much more than what’s seen from the 3D eyes. I see the higher perspective now, how it all comes together into alignment. This is divine orchestration and this is not a post, this is a testimony.

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