I don’t know which part of it people don’t get when I say, we are the same soul. We both know what’s written in the destiny. No matter who came between us or before or after, I am his destiny and he is my destiny. It’s my God-given right, that’s the truth and a spiritual boundary that everyone should understand. We are Twinflames and Twinflame connection is a spiritual marriage for eternity. This is the first lesson that every Twinflame couple is here to teach the world. Everything that happens in 3D is an illusion, only love is real. Why do you think all the Twinflames have their soul contracts designed in a way that it’s unconventional according to society’s current norms. We have been together for eternity, for I don’t even know if I should say a thousand years or million years, I think light-years would be perfect. He is mine and will be mine forever, no matter how far we wander on earth. I don’t want to give a chance to anyone else, because I already know the result, that connection will end soon because my destiny is written with my Twinflame. It’s a wise decision. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Otherwise people would accuse my Twinflame that he is stealing me from my karmic by using his looks.

I’m not taking anyone’s anything back, I’m taking back what is eternally mine. It’s the thief who should have known that she can’t get attached to things that she stole from others. Probably the toxic attachment she has to my Twinflame because of her abandonment wound, is her karma. It’s the soul contract, he was supposed to go into a third party situation in our no-contact separation and then spirit guides were supposed to push me into the third party dynamic. Because this Twinflame connection is supposed to challenge society’s belief systems. In 3D it looks like, he went off track from the Twinflame journey, but from higher perspective this was supposed to happen.

I never had thoughts like I can steal anyone’s man because of my looks. She abuses him and I want him to come out of the abuse, that’s all. It was him who approached me first, romantically. The choice was always his own that he wants to experience true love, not toxicity. I don’t interfere with anyone’s free will, as Karmic does. When I found out about the third party situation, I felt bad because I knew she is dating him only to hurt me. She is the distorted feminine, not me. She is the arm candy, question her not me. I had clearly seen her copying and competing with me for months. I was so disappointed that he could date anyone in this world, but not this one. If it was not a Narcissist but an emotionally healthy person, I would have surrendered and let him go. If we both can surrender for union, we can surrender for each other’s happiness as well. He too knows, he has been settling for less since the beginning. They both know from the beginning, that the Karmic connection is a not-love situation and they came together for show and material stability. Karmic worships money, “what’s love gotta do with it?”, this is how her belief system is.

I didn’t claim anyone else’s man. He had claimed me and the Twinflame connection from the beginning. Even during the no-contact separation, he gave me messages like “I will contact you soon, I will come back, I want to have a life with you, you are my destiny, wait for me”. I thought we are on the same page, but he was daydreaming all of it while his reality was something different. Daydreaming because of his childhood wounds, heavy childhood trauma can make you ungrounded. When I found out about the third party situation then I got clarity that he had been running all this time and all those messages were true, but he wasn’t ready to ground his emotions yet. I was the one who felt betrayed by both of them.

Even if he has a karmic, he is the possessive one, not me. Even when we were in no-contact separation, I used to feel energetically stuck, because he held on too tightly to the Twinflame connection. Finally after the union, I stopped feeling blocked by his energy, because now he had surrendered and released the codependent hold on me.

I am an empath, of course I felt bad for interfering in someone’s relationship. This is what took me off balance, first seeing my Twinflame in a third party situation, then spirit guides asking me to contact him to interfere and then his higher self calling for me to interfere. I struggled and was confused about what I should do, should I speak up or not. I was the one who gave him so much leeway that she was able to execute her plan and be successful in it. She was able to keep him for so long, only on my mercy. I was the one who told him to give her enough time to get over their break-up and then commit to me. But soon I realised I’m being abused by her because I have also trauma bonded with her. It’s been 1.5 years now, got enough time to work on my self-transformation and realise that I’m doing nothing wrong. Also learnt to follow my heart and heart-based connections, not what society’s so-called norms expect me to be.

When he didn’t choose me, he mirrored me and showed me how boundary-less I have been all my life. I have always found myself in relationships with non-committal, emotionally unavailable, absentee people, even in platonic relationships and friendships. I never asked him to make a choice and never chose myself. I allowed him to procrastinate which made her plan successful and made him abandon me. He mirrored me when he abandoned me, by not choosing me because I was abandoning myself not asking for what I deserve and that healed my abandonment wound. I was the overgiver in the Twinflame connection. So was my Twinflame in his Karmic connection. We were mirroring each other. The universe had to create separation one more time, I was guided away from the third party situation, that rejection was divine protection. Finally after worrying so much for months about what’s going to happen next, if I will be able to rescue him or not, one day I chose myself, freed myself from the worry and that’s how union happened. I learnt the importance of equal give and take in relationships. He too learnt that he wants equal give and take, not an abusive partner who acts like an enemy. He is choosing himself and walking away from the karmic connection for himself not for me. He is choosing his self-love, healing his abandonment wound and codependency, believing in himself that he can make it by himself without being codependent on someone. I am writing blogs about the third party situation because Spirit has chosen me as the medium, I’m just the messenger, I never said that I am writing blogs to steal him back. He is already mine, what’s there to steal?

And about the injustice to her. These two were in a casual relationship, it was just a business deal from the beginning, a transactional relationship. She told him he can keep his options open and play around and she will love him unconditionally. These two had such distorted views about loyalty that they thought it was “unconditional love”, where it’s clear that it’s codependency. She told him that he should choose her over me because I expect him to be loyal but she doesn’t, she will allow him to play around all his life, as far as money is flowing she doesn’t mind. Not like he chose her over me for this reason, but it’s her karma. She should keep her words right, she made the deal herself, no one asked her to. She lied and now she doesn’t like it if he has his attention somewhere else, now she wants to keep him loyal even if it takes making pacts with the devil. While she herself is not loyal, a player and has multiple options, yet not ready to let go of the karmic connection because she is a hoarder. She wants what she has, she wants what anyone else has, she wants to compete with me and everyone else, and she also wants to hoard people i.e. as many guys as she can have. Her competitive spirit is so high that she self-sabotages herself, knowing a person doesn’t love her, but not ready to let go.

If you love someone, you let them go. Attachment is not same as love.

Unconditional love, if she really loves him why she can’t let him go? When she knows that he is not happy with her, when she is not happy herself and feels trapped by society’s expectations and her programming? True love gives freedom, it does not bind, it liberates. She keeps complaining that he is not giving her what she deserves, that he is not loyal to her and a lot more things. So if she knows she deserves better, why doesn’t she walk away? Why can’t she accept the ending of the Karmic connection and end it on a good note, instead of playing the victim, spreading rumours and making him look like the bad guy or people blaming me for her karmic lesson.

He told her honestly that his heart is somewhere else and she deserves better, but she doens’t want to understand it. If he loves someone else, it’s his responsibility to free her, so that someday she can also find someone who will love and value her.

Just like I’m breaking my Twinflame’s generational curses, he has just taken his bloodline, I’m the generational curse breaker. Me and my Twinflame are breaking the Karmic’s ancestral curses too. I have written it earlier also, that DF is the key to heal everyone’s ancestral karma, even for the third party Karmics attached to the Twinflame connection, if any. The Karmic also has heavy ancestral karma to heal, but she is not learning her lessons so the universe will have to shake up her world. These two have an ancestral pattern of staying in transactional relationships “till death do us part”. No matter how toxic and dysfunctional it gets, people stay together for the show and money, and then the curse keeps passing down to the next generation. And the result of it is visible in what these two wounded children manifested while trying to play house together.

I broke her generational curse by respecting my divine feminine energy. She is so codependent that she never asked him to choose. She is in distorted masculine energy as well as distorted feminine energy. I asked him to make a choice and follow his heart, otherwise he would be wasting her time as well. He needed to follow his heart, to be courageous enough to choose the one he loves. Love begins at courage.

Had it been that I asked him to leave the karmic for me. It still wouldn’t have been wrong. I have the right to do so. Infact without asking, he wanted to leave her for me, when he realised that he betrayed his own heart when he betrayed me. He wanted to fix his mistake, once he had the awakening that we are Twinflames. But he couldn’t break out of his programing, karmic lessons and ancestral karma, as fast as he wanted it to happen. So we both had to wait for divine timing, we share this pain of separation together, everyday, every minute. One more sacrifice by the Lightworkers for their purpose.

True compassion is not in trying to save someone and protect them from facing their pain or karma. True compassion is to show them the mirror, to let them go through their struggles and to let them face the truth so that they can heal. We need to let her go through this, for the transmutation of her ancestral karma. Now, this is what is called true unconditional love. This is the love every human can give to each other’s souls, by showing them the mirror and allowing them to heal. To let someone go through the temporary pain, for their soul growth so that they will never have to feel the same pain again.

Unconditional love doens’t mean unconditional access. True unconditional love comes with boundaries.

Every Twinflame connection is healing the distorted feminine and masculine energy template on the planet. My Twinflame is healing the template by taking it on himself, being in distorted masculine energy and then coming into divine masculine energy by healing his ancestral patterns. And I’m healing the feminine energy template by being in divine feminine energy, by slowly rising into my power. I have been in the crone archetype of divine feminine energy since my childhood, the only thing that was lacking was healthy boundaries, I’m healing the template where women don’t know how to stand in their power. I have always been conscious of my actions, pure-hearted, never did anything wrong intensionally based on my programming and knowledge at that time, and always an overgiver. But I used to think everyone has a pure soul like me. I knew people project their darkness on me and but I still used to project my light on them. Overgiving doesn’t bring any bad karma but you can’t be an overgiver all your life, and my Twinflame mirrored me to teach me that I too deserve to get equal give and take in all my connections, romantic and platonic. I taught him the same that he doesn’t need to settle for less with the karmic when he can have an equal partnership with me. He too had to learn the lesson in boundaries, by setting boundaries with all the Karmics who try to interfere in the Twinflame connection. We are also healing the masculine energy for female templates and feminine energy for male templates. I am standing in my power, healing my masculine energy. My Twinflame is embracing his feminine energy, which is following his intuition, emotions and his heart.

On the side note. I never had any commitment issues, my ex’s had. I used to cover up for them, thinking this is what all women are supposed to do, I received this conditioning from the society. I was never the problem, they were all abusive in one way or another. My last ex was non-monogamous which I found out recently. He told everyone a different story, made me look crazy and confused me so much with the mindgames that I couldn’t see it clearly at that time. Just up and left, didn’t tell me his new address, blocked me everywhere, made all his friends block me. And I could never even understand what happened suddenly? I was depressed for so long. He wasn’t there for me when I was facing so many issues in my life. I just had to move on without knowing the reason. Not getting a closure from my ex was the closure. I decided to choose self love.

Update 22 December 2023

The karmic is also into prostitution, she has addictions and she does it for the money. She also tried to harass me many times, because she is Bisexual. She tried to force me into prostitution because she wanted to bring me down to her level, because obviously she can’t rise to my high vibration. My Twinflame’s so-called religious community, his friends and family also harassed me just because she spread some rumours and everyone enjoyed the show, no one interfered. These are the further truths I have exposed about her in the last few months.

Some of you have reached out to me after reading this blog. If you are also on a Twinflame journey and you are able to find similarities in our ancestral patterns or healing journey, it means we are the same collective. Please follow me on Instagram. I post daily updates about my Twinflame journey there. I am happy to know that more and more people are finding my blog now. I am so grateful. Helping people like me, is my dream and it’s finally coming true. Thank you everyone 🙂

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