I don’t know which part of it people don’t get when I say, we are the same soul. We both know what’s written in the destiny. No matter who came between us or before or after, I am his destiny and he is my destiny. It’s my God-given right, that’s the truth and a spiritual boundary that everyone should understand. We are Twinflames and Twinflame connection is a spiritual marriage for eternity. This is the first lesson that every Twinflame couple is here to teach the world. Everything that happens in 3D is an illusion, only love is real. Why do you think all the Twinflames have their soul contracts designed in a way that it’s unconventional according to society’s current norms. We have been together for eternity, for I don’t even know if I should say a thousand years or million years, I think light-years would be perfect. He is mine and will be mine forever, no matter how far we wander on earth. I don’t want to give a chance to anyone else, because I already know the result, that connection will end soon because my destiny is written with my Twinflame. It’s a wise decision. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Otherwise people would accuse my Twinflame that he is stealing me from my karmic by using his looks.

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Good friends are good healers

Heard it somewhere and I find it to be true.

Good friends are always there for you, they look after you, they fight the odds for you, the protect your, they tell you when you are wrong, they stand by you in every difficulty and they never give up on you.

You can go to them anytime and talk to them about anything & everything. At least this is what I do, coz I just love talking. One of my nicknames is chatterbox 

All I have is my close family and some real friends and it makes me happy.

I love you guys @amu.pran @asfar1536 @chaudhary.kamakshi @ig_sara_h .
I don’t know if I will ever be able to write enough appreciation posts. Just know that I love you and I will always be there for you.

To you guys, I’m a healer, but my healers are my friends. It’s platonic love and I think platonic love is the best thing in this world.

Happy B’day Aman  it’s been 10 years and we have seen a lot together and can’t wait to see more with you.

P.S. if you don’t know yet if someone is a true friend of yours, look out for these qualities.

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Your vibrational match

I have been learning this lesson in last few days and this describes it perfectly.

My spirit guides have been sending me messages through tarot this week and it has been healing me so much. ❤️

Your vibrational match is people who respect you, who love you for who you are, who know your your worth, who provide the unconditional love that you provide to yourself, not only what you provide to them. Also who provide a room for you to grow and grow with you, spiritually, personally, etc. at all levels.

If that makes you feel like I am looking for soulmates, you are right and yes, this is exactly what I get from my friends and family, they should be my soulmates.

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Lessons that I learnt form other healers & Lightworkers

People have been judging me for a few weeks now and I learnt to not give a shit about it, AGAIN.

People who think defending yourself is bad, people who think being in your power is bad, people who think knowing your worth is bad. What you hate about others, says a lot about you.

When you hate someone for speaking their own truth, or maybe sometimes for showing you your truth, it shows how much you try to hide your own truth and to run away from it.

People who you think can become your friends, start falling out after sometime. You thought they could be your friend, but they can’t. That’s why I like to take few months before I get to see the real them, people manage to hide their real self in starting.

Also, people who think I am closed off because I am not open to new people. I am fulfilled with my connections, family and friendships at this time.

People get attached to Lightworkers, because they want to have a happy healthy caring person in their life, it’s like lightworkers attract people like moths to a flame, because people want to feed off of our energy. If I have space for only 4-5 friends in my life, but some 50 people want me in their life. And I start making room to take everyone in, where I don’t even need them, only they need me, that would be a great mess for everyone.

This is what all lightworkers need to know, people not only want to have you in their life, but they hold onto you for dear life, and that can be very suffocating for someone who practices unconditional love. Learn to say no when you just don’t want something, it’s not always necessary to give a reason.

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Re-evaluate your friendships everyday

One of my oldest writes. 18 May 2018. Triggered quite a lot of people that time, though I didn’t realise then that they are fake.

How to recognise toxic friends? That friend who puts a status when you share your failure with them and gets competitive at your success. Who always talk about your not-so-good moments to others and rarely your qualities. People who always find something to blame you for or always make you feel invalidated. Who are probably never there for you, but you are always, no reciprocity. Friends who get jealous, compare your life with theirs, criticize you, discourage you when you talk about your dreams. Definitely wrong types of friends.

I filtered people in my life for quite a good amount of time, say 2 years and I know how healthy friendship feels like. Unhealthy friendship is one of those things that you don’t realise until you experience something better.

Why is it important to cut toxic people out of life? You become like the 5 closest people in your life, so you need to stay away from misery. If you are investing your time in the wrong people, you will have less time for the right people. The right people are those who will always work on themselves & all the issues, to meet you halfway in any kind of relationship. Friendship is an important one, because this is the only relation we get to choose completely by ourselves.

It takes a lot of courage to cut contacts with people, but once you are through the process, you will feel more loved, excited about life & end up thanking yourself for doing it, loving yourself more.

I literally started with feeling guilty of giving up on people, but now I am proud of my decisions. But what if I didn’t give up on them? What if I gave up on myself??
So give yourself permission to become your truest authentic self. Your journey starts with choosing people who align with it.

Quote inspired by Joel Osteen.

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