Pulling my Divine Masculine out of the dark

The dark Karmic is not just a Narcissist but Narcissist with psychopathic tendencies. The interference was to make me react, to ruin my birthday but also because I posted that DM and DF are ready. She never does something for just one motive, always planning many steps ahead. She did the same in January as well, as soon as you give her a prediction of union or Karmic connection ending, there will be a immediate ramp up in spellwork, always.

I do SRT so I had to learn about how witchcraft even works, to understand how to counter it.

Binding magick is used to create cords where you don’t have any karmic cord already. Like my Twinflame and his karmic, Karmic contract was getting over, so she used heavy spellwork to bind him. She will use manipulation, guilt and shame to create a trauma bond with spellwork in the background. Because now she has energetic allowance for spellwork because of his lack of boundaries that comes with Trauma bonding. But there’s a price for messing up with anyone’s free will. Even universe doesn’t mess with anyone’s free will, that’s why universe always asks us to decide what we want. Binding magick or Love spells, if it’s done on a person whose heart doesn’t choose you, then it will end up in toxicity, arguements and fights. You can not make someone love you by using spellwork, it will only be a toxic attachment.

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Diversity & Inclusion

There can be only two ways, either you believe in diversity and inclusion or you don’t. There’s nonin between. If you say you believe it, you have to believe that all people are equal whether it’s a man, a woman, even an animal, LGBTQ, the poor, the rich, this religion, that religion, this country, that country, this state, that state, feminists, entrepreneurs, specially-abled people, spiritual people, witches, Psychics, Gurus, helpers, liberals, white or black, people who live in slums, everything. God created every creation to be equal, earth people decided to separate everything into categories.

Why does a human go towards something that he thinks following it will make him feel more significant than others? Why humans try to conform themselves to a certain belief only because everyone else is following it. And why do we have these quotes running everywhere on the internet, which say “if the majority thinks something is right, then it’s right”.

वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्
Bhagwaan Ram, Krishna, Budhdha, Jesus, all of them tried to make you understand this, but no use.

So I am just communicating the same thing that I did today. Since I posted this on Instagram, I felt so much negative energy coming my way. Religious people follow their religion a few days in a year, secular (omnism) people follow their faith 365 days a year. Please do not project your silly habits on me that I did it on purpose on this day (it was Ganesha chaturthi that day). I literally live out of this dimension most of the time, don’t have this much time to think also.

Also, this kind of posts will keep coming. What I am posting, could probably be understood only by high vibrational souls. I don’t post for approval from anyone and that does not stop my work either.

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