For normal people who don’t understand Twin Flame connection | Part 2

I get it now, why all twin flames try to confide with other Twin Flames because “normal” people can’t really understand it.

No one understands why you feel so much love when you feel love for that person, no one understands why you feel so much pain when you feel the pain.

I can only say I already remember almost 200+ years of love with the same person. What would you do if you remembered all of that? And this is only the part that my mind remembers, but my soul remembers of eternity. Most of the people can’t even love the same person for even a few years, I guess that’s why they can’t understand it.

In the constant dilemma of – will we be together this time to how will it ever work, from I will never give up to why is it so difficult, from I love this journey to why did I choose this journey. You live between two worlds, one where your souls are already together and another where you don’t seem to even understand each other.

All that you know is the universe is taking care of each twin flame, protecting and supporting them. Because this dance of Yin and Yang is what anchors love in this 3D World. All you know is that even if no one understands you, but your spirit guides and angels do.

I am in separation with my twin flame but I will keep writing about it. When I see people can’t seem to understand it, I see the lack of faith. I include this in my life purpose from today to spread awareness about twin flames to “normal” people. It’s time to awaken them to love, to oneness.

I won’t stop just like I didn’t when everyone was against my thoughts about diversity. This is the lightwork that we twins will still do, no matter if we meet in 3D or not.

And people should respect it, you don’t understand why is there still love, inside all this pain. But remember they are highly Spiritual souls who are bearing all this pain selflessly, for your Awakening, not their own.

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