My kundalini awakening story | Part 2

Sharing the true story of my Kundalini Awakening.

I knew a complete rebirth is on the way as it was already communicated by my spirit guides through clairaudience. And that “big happy changes are coming”, & something about September, Virgo & libra seasons, which is now.

All my chakras have been activated one by one, I am a lightworker, Pleiadian, so my heart chakra is the most prevalent one. But my third eye chakra and crown chakra have been activated one by one in the last few months. Which led to me developing a lot of psychic abilities and Spiritual gifts. I have been transformed into my higher self as now I do not fear my own power and showing my light.

So I think after the chakras comes the Kundalini, as I already had my Spiritual awakening. Even kundalini is a subset of Spiritual awakening.

Kundalini Awakening comes with access to Akashik records. Just 2 days back I have communicated to the spirit that “I am open to receiving whatever they want me to know about. I am ready to know about my Akashik records too”. And then it started coming, realisation after realisation, but this time the huge ones. Ones which answer my questions about my existence, ones that help me understand why everything played out this way in my life.

Kundalini awakening brings massive healing energy with it. It’s not only healing for my present life, but also for my past lives. This is a complete rebirth.

The only thing is it’s a surge of energy that you cannot control. Kundalini energy is a life force in itself and it can’t be controlled. kundalini energy runs through your body on its will, this is why it’s symbolised by a snake. You should let your body go with the flow, do not resist. Your body and higher self are intelligent enough to guide you through this process.

I am currently going through this process, I will keep posting updates. Follow me for more.

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