My kundalini awakening story | Part 1

I want to share my kundali awakening experience here. Please just take this as an update of whatever I am going through. I will keep posting updates. I just want to log my journey, feeling called to do it. Also, this is a little here and there.

I am going through Kundali awakening and because of it I just accessed my own Akashik records. Kundalini Awakening is another subset of Spiritual awakening. It feels like a complete rebirth, I already knew a rebirth is on the way. But I didn’t realise it’s a metaphor for kundalini awakening.

Akashik records is like a book of wisdom,  it has details of everyone’s past life, light codes, divine mission everything. In Hindu scriptures, it’s a realm of knowledge that only Narad Rishi has access to. There are many Egyptian tales about it too and my fellow starseeds believe in it. Ancient light entities, ancestors, angels, they all help us through our Akashik records I think.

Starseeds a lot of times come here as twin flames. When starseeds come as twin flames, it’s the same soul split into two, they are both Lightworkers (most of the times). One holds divine Masculine energy and another holds divine feminine energy. Masculine has to key to the Akashik records and feminine has access to the knowledge. This is how a lot of Lightworkers twin flames are where one can channels Spiritual knowledge,  is more connected to spiritual realms and other works in the material world. They might even both have access to Akashik records.

Now since my crown chakra has been activated, I am being bombarded with a lot of information about my own self, which will help me understand my soul mission in a better way. I am gaining even more perspective on why my life played out this way. I have been seeking clarity on exactly what to do to help this world, since I am a little bit of everything, sometimes even I can’t decide.

What I am going through, is a lot of energetic & emotional changes. If it’s a Kundalini awakening, probably might lose sleep.

I will keep sharing more updates. I have shared some videos on my Facebook page for those who want to know more in detail.

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