11 GIFs That Perfectly Describe The Types Of Roommates in Boys’ Hostel

There are so many different kinds of people in this world. This post will make you relate to at least one roommate of yours.
  1. The Party Animal

    The one who loves to drink and dance. There is not going to be single weekend without a party.

  • The Snorlax one

    He sleeps like Snorlax. No matter what you do he won’t wake up. prettysmarttechie_blog_Snorlax
  • The Study Freak

    prettysmarttechie_blog_Stydy freak.gif
  • The Religious one

    He does Pooja and Aarti everyday. There’s always smell of Agarbatti/Dhoopbatti in your room. prettysmarttechie_blog_religious girl.gif
  • The Phony

    He is always on phone, be it with his girlfriend, family, just a friend, an old friend or anyone. He can not breath without his phone. prettysmarttechie_blog_Phony roommates.gif
  • The Third Roommate

    prettysmarttechie_blog_third roommate.gif
  • The one with Midnight Hunger

  • The Older One

    prettysmarttechie_blog_Elder roomamte.gif
  • The Addicted Gamer

  • The Biker

  • The Confused One

    He is always so confused about what to wear, what to eat, whom to date. You really hope he would sort it out one day on his own. prettysmarttechie_blog_confused roommate.gif
All GIF’s are taken from http://www.giphy.com
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