Cyber stalking and my blogging journey

This photo is from 2016 when I tried to do full makeup for the first time. I went with whatever I had, compact powder, lipstick, BB cream, eyeliner and lipstick as a blush. I did have a small eyeshadow palette from some local brand, used a sheen shade for highlighting. No foundation, no concealer.

My sister helped me with the pictures, she is the best it comes to my photoshoot. When I was going through my drive searching for old photos I realised one thing, fake friends never click good pictures of you, they want to look better than you.  (You just got one more fake friend tip, always beware of the Queen-Bees . They want to be the queen of the group, they will often brag that they are so nice, but in reality those girls are always mean to everyone if you look deeply. )

I was just learning everything about how to blog, learning to handle my WordPress etc, by 2017, I had learnt enough to call myself a beginner. Problems started in all areas of my life by the end of 2017 and ended at the end of 2019. I had bad break up, then workplace harrassment, then workplace bullying in two different companies and all my friends were toxic enjoying my misery.

2018 was my worst phase. I mentioned earlier that I was not blogging that year but actually I was, but I deleted most of the work or made it private. I was dealing with Cyberstalking, people used to give me a hard time if I posted anything. Since you can not hide public posts I used to delete a lot of them in a few days after posting. I had not started the Instagram page, but I posted in personal profiles on FB and Instagram. Then I used to post on Whatsapp, that’s why I still have this habit of writing long posts in the story. 

Out of fear, I slowly learnt to hide my talent and my voice, but now I have changed. I ended all the drama in 2019. And I fearlessly posted everything that I wanted to say on my Facebook page. I knew they would be stalking and I wanted them to read and self-reflect that how low they have become.

Now I choose my battles wisely.

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