The most important factor for happy relationship is Boundaries.

Some say it takes trust, some say respect, some say unconditional love.

But how would you know how much trust means trust and how much respect means respect for the other person. That’s where boundaries are important.

Unconditional love, people get an idea of selfless love, let the other person do whatever he/she wants, I will keep loving. Can this really work? Another person can exploit your boundaries and expect you to love unconditionally.

True love is when you learn that having boundaries is a part of unconditional love. Not having boundaries is like betraying yourself, not being true to yourself. Can you actually give true love, when you are coming from a place where you are not in 100% alignment with yourself. To be one with anything else, you need to be one with yourself first.

[oneness]Boundaries are the secret of happy relationships, both platonic & non-platonic. Through all these years, when my life was falling apart, the relationship that still sustained are the ones who know how to respect boundaries. Happy relationships are the secret to a happy life.

P.S. Learn the difference between oneness & boundaries. I learnt this from Teal swan.

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