Soupy Noodles with Egg

Soupy noodles in some Japanese style.
Just finished eating this and posting on a friend’s request ☺️

As you all know, I am a foodie. I like all kind of food be is simple Indian food or fancy recipes. I am obsessed with watching Japanese food videos (coz Quarantine) and you all know my love for Korean food. I wanted to prepare something like ramen bowl but since I did not have many Vegetables at home, I did this experiment.

✨Everything can be cooked in a single pan and it’s very yummy and fulfilling, also to the eyes.
🍳Prepared an omelette with 1 egg, adding salt and chilli powder. Keep it aside.
🍅Sauteed some fresh tomatoes with just a few drops of ghee, a pinch of salt and chilli powder again. Keep it aside.
🌶️Knorr soupy noodles cooked with a little salt and chilli powder.
🍲Cut the omelette into thin-long pieces and top it the noodles with tomatoes.
🧂Add some Maggi magic masala to spice it up.

If you get to try it, post a picture and let me know how was it. Add your choice of vegetables, but try to avoid Onion if you can.

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