Homemade French Fries


🥔Peel and🔪 cut potatoes.

🌊Wash 2-3 times with water to remove the starch.

🧂soak in Saltwater for 7-10 minutes.

🍠Remove water, dap with tissue paper to remove excess water.

🍳Fry the potatoes and it’s ready.

🍟 Serve it with salt, peri-peri, mayonnaise or ketchup as you like.

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Soupy Noodles with Egg

Soupy noodles in some Japanese style.
Just finished eating this and posting on a friend’s request ☺️

As you all know, I am a foodie. I like all kind of food be is simple Indian food or fancy recipes. I am obsessed with watching Japanese food videos (coz Quarantine) and you all know my love for Korean food. I wanted to prepare something like ramen bowl but since I did not have many Vegetables at home, I did this experiment.

✨Everything can be cooked in a single pan and it’s very yummy and fulfilling, also to the eyes.
🍳Prepared an omelette with 1 egg, adding salt and chilli powder. Keep it aside.
🍅Sauteed some fresh tomatoes with just a few drops of ghee, a pinch of salt and chilli powder again. Keep it aside.
🌶️Knorr soupy noodles cooked with a little salt and chilli powder.
🍲Cut the omelette into thin-long pieces and top it the noodles with tomatoes.
🧂Add some Maggi magic masala to spice it up.

If you get to try it, post a picture and let me know how was it. Add your choice of vegetables, but try to avoid Onion if you can.

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Stewed Apples – SoulFood

Stewed Apples with clove and cinnamon/cinnamon powder. & I just figured out you can add dry fruits like almonds, walnuts or berries to it. You can also have it with overnight oats. I hand-crushed the almonds with a knife.

GO AHEAD!! Give it a try.

You can always trust an empath when it comes to soul food. Having this as the first thing in the morning keeps me in good energy all day. It’s healthy and it’s vegan.

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Veg Momos Easy Recipe

You can just search on YouTube for easy momo recipes, for how to wrap a momo, prepare the dough & how to steam it. My whole point here is to bring the fact that only onions & tomatoes can also make delicious momos. We are all stuck at home & need some positivity to pass through these days. So here it is.

Veg momos easy recipe:

Just fine chop all Vegetables that you think can bring a Chinese taste. I didn’t have cabbage or spring onions, so I just went with onions & tomatoes. Add some ginger garlic paste if you have or chop them too. Take some oil, fry the ginger garlic paste, add green chilli, now add onions, then all Vegetables, chilli powder, salt, black paper and fry until everything is well cooked. Keep the fried veggies aside & wipe the pan with a tissue/clean cloth.

Prepare a dough with Maida or all-purpose flour, first add 1teaspoon of oil and mix it well. After the oil is mixed, add water & salt for taste, prepare a tight dough. Now cover the dough & keep it for 15 minutes.

Now prepare some small poori sized sheets/tortillas. Fill it with the stuffing & close the momos well. Now you just need to take a little amount of water in the same frypan and steam your momos for 5-7 minutes and it’s done.

Eat it with mayonnaise /ketchup/peri-peri/ Maggi masala. It was so tasty & solved my craving issues.

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Change for a better life

It’s 21st century and in the hustle of this busy life, we have all lost the kid inside us, our purity, love and kindness.

The only thing every human being wants is not money, not fame, but only inner peace and happiness. To be happy you need to love yourself first. For that you need to understand that you should not seek love, in fact you should be love.

1. Love yourself

Nothing can be more attractive when you love yourself. Love spreads like fragrance of a perfume. When you love yourself, you become that perfume. You don’t need to put efforts to love anyone then. It just spreads in form of good vibes.

2. Learn to forgive yourself

After all you are a human being, everyone makes mistakes. Don’t be a victim of your own guilt. You are here on earth to live and learn like everyone else. As far as you keep learning from your mistakes and never repeat them, it’s fine. First, you need to free yourself from any guilt then only you can be a happy soul and spread love

3. Come what may

Don’t be scared of obstacles, understand that is the path. It’s life, and it’s full of problems, everyday you have to face a new problem. But no problem is bigger than you. Don’t stop working, look at the solutions, not at the problem and one day you will achieve your goals.

What’s in the way, is the way”

4. Surround yourself with more people like you

It’s a scientific fact that everyone’s personality is affected by the 5 people, they spend most of their time with. Be it your family or friends or people at work. Your personality is going to be affected by them. Be positive within yourself and also surround yourself with more positive people.

You can’t change a person from negative to positive, the more you try, the weaker you become. The world is already full of negative people, at least you need to stay positive and calm.

5. Happiness is an inside job

Don’t depend on anything external to make you happy. Neither achievements, nor money or a person should be a reason for your happiness. Always focus on your inner peace.

6. Connect with nature

To do anything in life, you need energy. Only nature can give you that energy. Take early morning walks, watch sun sets, sit in a garden, water the plants, go travelling, take deep breaths in fresh air. Boost yourself up with positive energy.

7. Take control of your life

No one else than you knows where you stand in your life and your goals. Analyse and take action on your own. Listen to others but don’t follow them. Choose your priorities and act accordingly. People love to stop you from doing something they would do. At the same time they would underestimate your potential and tell you not to take a stand. Later on those are the people who will admire you for taking a stand. i.e. It’s only you who gets to choose your path, after all it’s your life.

8. Be active

A healthy body means healthy mind and leads a happy life. Go for morning walks, cycling or gym everyday. Try to eat healthy and drink water regularly. Do meditations, Yoga or workout whichever you like.

9. Read and learn

Learning never stops, at any age. Reading helps you learn about new aspects of life. It makes you smarter, reduces stress, helps prioritize goals.

10. Put time into your relationships

Always keep your emotional connections on priority like your family, partner and then friends. Those are the people who stand by you in your good times and bad times. They are your support system and you are their support system. Love makes everyone happy.

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