My Starseed Origin

I am finally ready to explore my star system identity, I just have been too busy to sit and meditate but I have already discovered my life purpose. I will definitely add an update after knowing my stars system identity. But I have discovered my soul’s calling.☘️

My spiritual gift is authenticity and to bring people in touch with their authenticity. I am here to not only trigger humans but Lightworkers too. I am an ancient Starseed and here to mentor other starseeds. I am here to trigger even other Lightworkers to connect with their authenticity. Even Lightworkers after coming here get stuck in this low 3D vibration sometimes. Not to demean anyone’s effort, I get stuck too and other Lightworkers help me heal. We all try our best to keep ourselves in higher vibrations. But this is a fight of the light against the dark.

I am here to lead. I have known this for a while but struggled to accept such a big purpose, just like I struggled to accept I am an empath, and then that a lightworker.

Finally decided to talk about this because I need to put myself out there to reach other Lightworkers so that they can find me & we can fulfil our mission together.

I am also a twin flame and my divine masculine is also an ancient lightworker. He has to awaken after me, so he is yet to step into his Starseed power. But we do have a mission together.👫🏻

The last system that I was on is Pleiades, and at that time all my fellow volunteers decided to come as the twin flames. So we are twin flames.

I remember 4 past lives with him, one of which I was the divine masculine and he was my divine feminine. We always had each other in our hearts but never really could enjoy a stable home life with each other, for long. This time it’s fated, we are determined to build a life together and never give up. We used to separate to persue our lightworker life purpose, but this time our life purpose is entangled with each other.

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