Teacher’s Day Message on behalf of all Healers, Lightworkers and Spiritual Teachers

It’s the teacher’s day here and I think it’s time to claim something. When I am coaching you through tarot or writing or listening to your problems, what I need back is respect and reciprocated energy. No offence to anyone, but some people don’t understand this concept.

I am always ready to help for free if someone can reciprocate the energy. Money/ time /genuine appreciation is also a form of energy.

People think if they pay healers money they are above us. But they forget that we help them, we save them from months and years of mental stress and we take their negative energies and transmute it into positive. We try to put them on the path to self-reflection, healing and growth.

I hope now everyone gets who is giving more and who deserves more. So please respect what we do and don’t try to act like our boss.

People still respect Babas more than spiritual teachers, because they believe in superstition more than faith. Healers show you what you need to heal, where you need to self reflect, what your wounds are, what your life purpose is, what your karma is, what you need to change about yourself, how you can grow, they remind you of your own power, they put you on the right path to heal your ancestral trauma, they teach you self love and the meaning of life. But still, healers are taken for granted.


I also want to take time to thank all other healers, earth angels, Lightworkers, tarot readers, Psychics, Spiritual teachers, life coaches who have always helped me through this journey to transform myself into my higher self. It was not possible without all your help.

Let us all Lightworkers thanks our star system team, spirit guides, angels, archangels and ancestors, for always showing us the way when we can’t see the light. They give us unconditional love, help us heal and grow, they provide us protection and support.

I love my spirit team and very grateful for them. Everytime I see a temporary spirit guide leave, I feel a sense of loss but I wish best for their next endeavours. Thanks to all my spirit guides and angels who have helped me all the way through this chaos, we are a team and I will never forget that.

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