Chickpea Salad / Chana Chaat Recipe

🥗Soak a small bowl of chickpeas in water overnight and then boil them, until they are soft.
🔪Chop onion, tomato, cucumber (1 each) and coriander. Anything else that you like, I added green peas.
🥣Add the chickpeas and vegetables to a bowl.
🧂Add salt to taste, chaat masala.
🍋Add lots of lemon juice.
🍄Add some Namkeen to make it crispy, I added cornflakes mixture because it had cashews and raisins. This step is optional. 🌶️Add chilly powder if you like spicy, chat masala nad Namkeen already has chilly.
🥗Mix everything well.

And your salad is ready🥗😋. Trust me guys it was so tasty, I ate it so fast. This Chana Chaat is even better than Aloo Tikki Chaat, plus it’s healthy.

Diet hack : Chaat masala / herbs and spices makes it savoury without adding extra calories to your food.

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