Haters, I made it !!

Able to see the silver linings now. Believe in God!!!

First time I was abused, I thought it’s my fault. The second time I was abused I was confused. The third time I was abused I knew I am different.

By the third time, my psychic abilities started growing because spirit/God wanted to protect me. I learnt enough psychology too, to understand that it’s not my mistake. They are predators. I was told I am good at nothing, but I knew there must be something special about me.

I was told it’s my fault that I get abused every time, I knew it’s for a bigger reason. I have been trained to lead, to make the right choice and stand for it, in such hostile environments, that I can face anything now. It made me a warrior.

I learnt to never let anyone tell me who I am, coz I know who I am. I want to help people who suffer the same things that I did.

This time I don’t mind if someone copies me. Alone I could make only a few 10 warriors, but together we can make 100’s of them. Those who will not let anyone abuse their power, those who will stand for the right thing. Those who will be the change to create a new world.

I am not scared to say such big words because my vision is this big and it’s not going to change.

God is there and I believe in it. I have faith that nothing or no one can break. It made me who I am so that I can do what I am meant to do. They tried to ruin my career, now they will see a new career is born out of that.

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