A break from life

It’s summer here in Bangalore & I can remember my childhood days totally. If you are an Indian and 90’s kid, remember the fun, freedom and happiness, the summer vacation used to bring to each of us. We would wait for the summers to arrive whole year. We used to be free souls and happy from within for no big reasons.

These days when I look around, I struggle to find people who are happy like we used to be in childhood. I see people smiling, laughing, enjoying, partying. I see all kind of joyful people who are now adults but I don’t see that absolute happiness in anyone.

Why? What has happened to us. Especially in the late 20’s. We have started growing old so fast. Maybe we need our childhood back again. But is it possible for it to come back or we have to wait till we are 50’s to become childish again.

Why don’t we give ourselves s break from life, something like a summer vacation. No not a 5-day break or a short trip. But something where you can be as lazy as you want to be, sleep all day long, eat all day long. To go on a hibernation mode and recharge ourselves again.

What made me think this way was a break that I took from the I.T. life and I can clearly feel the difference in just 2 months. It gave me so much time to go inward and solve my own problems and calm myself. And now when the break is going to be over, I feel the same way as if my summer break is about to end. But, I am back in my extra power mode to conquer life again.

Why we never encourage ourselves to take a break sometimes. I felt like I hadn’t taken a break in the last 5 years. Why are we so much after a career, that we forget ourselves. Sometimes we even hate going to work, we wait for the weekends but still, we don’t take a break for ourselves. This is not about not liking the job, but about taking time to breathe.
“What’s the point of earning, if you can’t give yourself a break from life?”

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